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  1. I though I had to make a statement just to reassure people. I'm working on a driver issue at the moment. So until my system is stable again, I will pause this project. It is backed up on an external HDD. So no worries. As soon this update/driver bug is fixed, I'll be back on this project.
  2. I think I found what you where looking for... The OG model, which I call the old dried ham And the updated OG model with a new arm and UVMaps that I didn't had a chance to test. You had made the HD model in less than a day from that download. So I switch my efforts on the HD model. Thanks
  3. That's the arm that came with the file. I had no independent file for it. Those are the textures used in the model PLC_Datapad02 PLC_DpadScr02 PLC_DpadGlass1 N_CommM01 PLC_GenCorpse P_CandBA01 Those are the compressed files I have right now on my drive. K1_Placeable_Datapads_New_Datapad_Model K1_Datapad_Placeable_Replacement_Models_v2 K1_Datapad_Placeable_plc_sevrdarm_Alternate_Texture_v2 K1_Alt_Datapad_Severed_Arm_Cracked_Glass
  4. That's the one with the broken glass. That's the last one I've got.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm still alive as this project. I just encountered some personal difficulties. Now I'm moving on. I did look out for a way to manipulate the cutscene to incorporate the models in it. I also lost myself along the way. So I've put this aside for the moment. It will not a big glorious update. But still... The modded OG The new HD mostly done. But I found out I need to touch up some parts. With the not done arm version. I'm working on adding dirt and scratches on the metal. Making an HD custom textures for the arm with an option of gore and no gore. It is in the plans. But I don't know when I will add them. Will the icons be animated? I have no idea if it's in the possibilities.
  6. Just what you said made me thinker about this MERRY CHRYSLER EVERYONE!!!
  7. Hi everyone, I was caught with family matters and my friends are making LAN party. So, I will take a break starting right now, until the new year. I will be back and in top shape, January the second. Furthermore, I understand I'm taking forever doing this mod. But, I'm working to my pace, and I'm learning from this process. Each game has its ways when it comes to modding them. And as I read in this community forums. Lots of new tools and options are now available. New awesome tricks I will have to learn. I will try to get my hands on another 3DS MAX license. My competence with this software are more for architecture. But I'm sure I can do something for KotOR, beside editing the default model and UV Mapping. It may take me a bit longer, like the rest of the things I'm learning here. But rest assured, I will not leave this project until I'm done with it. And I will post it as soon as it feels ready enough for it. Thanks, I'll will try this one next time. Indeed, it's a terrible feeling to see your PC BSOD when trying to access a drive. It was one of my M.2 SSD, and it was directly where 1080 Ti SC2 side vent. Getting blown hot air and dust. So it got too hot when doing stuff with many big softwares. I suspect it was not build to endure that kind of abuses. For the first phase... No, it's absolutely not essential to be able to read on a broken or working datapad. But it would be cool if we could. And we all have the right to dream about cool mods for our favorite game. I'm also not there at all for the moment. I did and here's the results I'm willing. I don't know if I will be able to get there. But it's in my mind. For example, the Twisted Rancor Trio quest has an empty desk near the holograms. It could be placed on the corner of this desk. If I can learn how to do custom placeable in a map like this kind of idea. This looks awesome. I didn't know it was possible. I don't know if I will become as good as this. But I will try my best to come up with something. I'll keep an eye for this.
  8. Sorry everyone for the hiatus. One of my SSD died and most of the files for this mod and some others where on it. I've lost lots of animation templates and my main datapad texture template. As always, I'm lucky enough in my bad luck to save most of the work. I had a USB drive with the whole game folder on it, waiting to be transferred on my old laptop. So I've recovered many testing files in HD. I almost gave up after the SSD. Took some time to reflect on the situation. PC hardware prices are insane these days. But I found a way to stay fully operational and to go forward. "C'est la vie" as they say. So here is some update. It started as a joke in response to DarthParametric coment: But turns out I can become a mad man when my jokes goes too far. So I literally tried to make the text readable on the screen. A big mistake. Because not many fonts can be read at small resolution. Also, how the hell I was thinking it would be a good idea to make animated text description, when the screen is resting on the ground and you can't really read it either way. Anyway, here's my madness or stupidity in all its glory. In game And what I was aiming in my mind. Maybe when I'll learn more abot what we can do in model placing. I'll try to put it on some broken stone or obelisk so everyone could read the description. But for now I'll just try and finish the texture work.
  9. Some of them yes. I'm trying to stay under 2K resolution. Those are 1K with rows of 256 pixels squares for this preview. But some animations don't look too good when I scale them under 512 pixels.
  10. Before leaving for the weekend I decided to post some tryouts I did today. I can't decide if it would be better to tint the static or not. So here are my tests.
  11. Some test for the broken datapad. The main texture is not ready yet. It needs weathering and dirt on it. So right now it's not the real texture. But I made a new sample for the animation, now that I understand more of the TPC files. There will be more next week.
  12. I'm using a TGA and a TXI using the same name. But I don't know how I could attached or linked them ase they are. So I did my first TPC and look at that now... I guess I should have tried this sooner. Now I can fine tune it and improve it. Thanks for the info
  13. Small Update The last two days I was tinkering with the animation again. I'm still learning how to animate for KotOR. But I didn't expected what I found. I began resizing and simplifying the animation to a 4x4 grid on a 1024x1024 pixels sheet. But the bug remained. Then I played with the FPS and I couldn't see much change. After many trials, not only I understand better the speed. But it raised a new question... What is the max number for the FPS option? 5 FPS 15 FPS Then I lost power and had to stop again. But I reflected on a way to test it. This image has mostly the answer. I've used it as the base template again. But this time to see how the animation was rolling. It was a bit too fast to notice. But then I made a clip and toned down the speed very low and this is the result. It jumped the second row to the third, then back at the second (1;3;2). I have no clue what I'm doing wrong here. Is it the same thing if I have four rows (1;3;2;4)? So that's why it not plays smooth like this.
  14. Yes that's what I've realized at the first try. Going from a video to frames can be tricky at higher FPS. That's why I will either use some .gifs on the internet or I will make new animations from scratch but with already calculated numbers of frames. I'm looking at it right now.
  15. You're right, it doesn't need to be fancy. But with the new 3D model, a sloppy pixelated animation would be like putting a 4 year old drawing in a museum. I'm aiming to something short, clear, smooth and nice enough to be seen at any screen resolution. Of course, Darth Parametric was also right by saying it's just a small object that appears in a cutscene and a couple of times on the ground in some quests. So, it's still early in this project. But I hope to learn enough to add it on some desk or kiosk or something like that. Maybe even in the Ebon Hawk. But right now it's just some wild idea in my head. I'm happy that you bring that up. It was my first obstacle I've encounter with the animation. I did made animation for a project and I tried to use is as an exemple. But the template was in 8K 60fps. so scaling it down was a ugly nightmare. Not that I couldn't do it. Even with an Ai software I had at work it was horribly pixelated and looking dire at 1024 pixels. So the sample I use for the exemple is just a simple .gif found on internet with 68 frames. So the 8x8 came from there. I did test the new .txi parameters, but with no availed. The animation is still weird. But it came up to me today. I did encounter something similar with a animate .vtf for another game. The bug was it had many frames repeated for the video I used. I thinking it might be the case here too. I will not promise anything for the next few days. But I'll try to post an update that will not make me ashamed of my results.