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    how 'bout something simple? Like... ....where the inner glow would denote the color of the blade?
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    It's your call at the end of the day, man. I'd honestly be happy with whatever option you go with. It'll take some growing on me to like the new icons though haha.
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    But the person doesn't say if it's compatible with Kotor 1 or not. This is not said on the mod. It would be nice if this was said
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    It is only compatible with Kotor 1, since you can't get Juhani in your party in Kotor 2.
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    Hunter's redesign is even worse than her vanilla appearance. I'd rather have a mod that makes her look like a proper Cathar (and not the subtype that was invented after the fact to retroactively justify her appearance instead of admitting that Bioware screwed up). Is there one?