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    If you want to get a better idea of what is going on, edit all the includes to change the debug logging functions to use SendMessageToPC and then recompile k_ai_master with them. The only limitation is that the feedback screen has a very small back buffer, so you'll need to be pausing every second to check it due to the volume of stuff that will be piped to it.
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    Working on set this week with Kelly Hu. My life for hers... I am going through channels to get a picture with her, so fingers crossed. She looks great, and still sounds just like Visas. I'd know that voice anywhere!
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    Hello, Quanon! In the description it is mentioned normal maps being included and not just upscaled but rerendered. I checked the archive and, if I am not mistaken, there is not a single normal map in it. There are a few .txi files for the normal maps which are the very same the original game uses. Is this correct or am I missing something?
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    New normal maps need to be in .tpc format, yes. The .txi is fed into tga2tpc along with the targa image, so the information contained inside it is indeed ‘baked’ into the .tpc for want of a better term. You’re also correct in that where a bumpmap is applied, .txi files need to use bumpyshinytexture rather than envmaptexture if you want to incorporate a cubemap as well. Correct on all above counts, in other words! I know Q has only recently started experimenting with normal maps for KotOR very recently and has been tackling some rather large texture packs, so I daresay any little niggling issues which slipped through will be addressed shortly. All part of the fun, as they say!
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    I didn't read your OP thoroughly enough. Your use case probably excludes that, making my post a little silly in retrospect. That said, my rusty out of tune brain thinks of setting a boolean. This could turn into lots of booleans, so probably a bad idea. If I knock any cobbwebs loose I'll toss an idea.
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    You are correct! No idea how that happened, but I forgot to pack them with the other textures. Thanks , for bringing this up. I'll add them to the download page ASAP.
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    Hello, Qui-Gon Glenn! I thought about it too and it may be worth a try but I think there might be an issue when saving/loading the game. void main() { int nEvent = GetUserDefinedEventNumber(); if (nEvent == 2002) { object oTarget = GetLastPerceived(); if ((GetLastPerceptionSeen()) && GetIsPC(oTarget)) { // Bonus off } if ((GetLastPerceptionVanished()) && GetIsPC(oTarget)) { // Bonus on } } } Let's say I save the game after a party member was perceived. If I am not mistaken, the OnPerception event won't run when loading it again.