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    I have made requests similar to this in the past. My recruit mod, "Recruit Sarna", which provides a soldier to replace Bastila after her capture, is near complete, I believe, and there are many I will give credit to for assistance. Sith Holocron, SithSpecter, Qui-Gon Glenn, TamerBill, Thor110, LoneWanderer, AmanoJyaku, Effix, N-DReW 25. Sarna, at Level 1, has high dexterity, decent intelligence, wisdom 14. She carries a Mandalorian Blaster and has the feat "Dueling" to allow her to use pistols, swords, and blades. With all the help, I will release my mod for anyone to use freely. I need assistance with new textures, possibly a slightly modified model, to create the armor I wanted to give Sarna, though I have a .uti file ready, and I hoped to make my mod a voiced mod. I have some voice files for Sarna that fit the limited dialogue she has, but these work only for two or three lines. If anyone could help with these things, voicing lines or creating new textures, contact me for more detail.
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    So, I finally discovered a bug in nwnnsscomp... I think. The purpose of a reverse compiler is to recreate the syntax of the high-level language. This can only be accomplished if we understand statements, expressions, and values. Statement: HK-47 is ready to serve, master. - HK-47 If you care for others, then dispense with pity and sacrifice and recognize the value in letting them fight their own battles. - Kreia Battle is a pure form of expression. - Handmaiden So, what's all this got to do with nwnnsscomp?
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    Version 1.0.0


    Shaleena Original Head Restoration By StellarExile This mod restores a unique head which was originally intended for Shaleena but was cut. Luckily, it still existed in the game files and is still able to be utilized. K1R and NPC Overhaul restore Shaleena's head, but I decided to create a mod that only restores the head and alters nothing else. This mod also includes a fix made by Ashton Scorpius which adjusts the model so that her upper teeth are no longer hidden during conversations. Incompatibilities: The mod will be incompatible with anything that alters Shaleena's original head model and appearance in her utc file. Otherwise, it shouldn't be incompatible with anything else. Permissions: Please do not distribute the mod to any other sites without asking my permission and Ashton Scorpius for the model fix. If you intend to use this mod in yours, please contact me for permission as well. If you intend to use Ashton's models, you'll need to contact him as well. Special Thanks: @Stoffe and @Fair Strides for the TSLpatcher. Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool. @Ashton Scorpius for allowing me to use the model from his Shaleena Mouth Adjustment mod. @Sdubfor helping me with the utc file. Shaleena Head Restoration.zip
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    Unfortunately due to some medical issues I have not been able to focus on the site as I had hoped, and there is a lack of active staff as well to pick up anything else.
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    Version 1.5a


    JC2 PRESENTS SAVE MISSION There are two options > Leave Mission on the Unknown Planet. Or: Convince Mission to stay with your crew and serve you. However, this mod doesn't remove the option to kill Mission, that is stilll present in the game if you choose the third dialogue. For clarity, saving Mission begins with "You're all alone.. " (This should be the first option) Leaving Mission behind on the Planet begins with "Go on Mission - Get out of here ... " (second option) Two additional dialogue options have been added that appeal more to the themes of kotor and to the Sith (as suggested by SH). They are the last two options of the six total options and result in keeping Mission. Most lines are voiced by Mission so there's an element of realism to the mod, the additional lines spoken by Mission Vao use vanilla female twi'lek voice over, This is K1R compatible. ---------------------------------------- Installation: Unzip file, place into override, Uninstall: Delete from override. ---------------------------------------- Incompatible with Spare Mission and Zaalbar by Scarrab & any other mod that edits the "unk41_mission.dlg" file. Hope you enjoy! As always feel free to leave Negative/Postive feedback! This includes sending me a better screenshot, since my computer can't handle graphics of any kind, ever... ---------------------------------------- Important Note: The current problem with the mod, is that if you talk to Mission again after this conversation, she will result to conversations opened up only after you crash on the Lehon (unknown planet) and will not seem to recognize your recent actions as SIth Lord and whatever option you chose. This presents a bit of issue with a lack of immersion, to avoid this. Don't talk to Mission again! This is what may be updated later. ---------------------------------------- Contact me for bugs, issues, or feeback by PM or writing a review here. ---------------------------------------- FYI: Red Mission reskin is a seperate mod by LoganZeZima "Reskinned Mission Vao." Credits: Thanks Deadlystream for hosting my mod. Thanks SH and Death'a'Barbar for suggestions Thanks FS for the DLG editor tool Thank you ! For downloading the mod. Requested by Death'a'barbar.