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    Version 1.0.0


    Extended Enclave Patch A Mod for Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic 2 Author: N-DReW25 1.0.0 Release Date: 26.06.2020 INSTALLATION: (It is highly recommended that you update your game to version 2.10 (the 1.0b update) before installing this mod.) As this is an add-on for TSLRCM, TSLRCM 1.8.6 is REQUIRED. It will not work otherwise, so have that installed first. As this is a patch for Extended Enlcave, Extended Enclave 2.5.1 is REQUIRED. It will not work otherwise. So have that after TSLRCM and before Extended Enclave Patch. M4-78EP appears to be fully compatible with Extended Enclave, so no compatibility patch for M4-78EP and Extended Enclave Patch exists at this time. The M4-78EP compatibility patch for M4-78EP checks to see if Master Vash is present amongst the Jedi Masters, this is impossible to achieve in M4-78EP so therefore this mod won't break with M4-78EP. But REGARDLESS, please leave feedback if you play with M4-78EP of both ANY BUGS you may encounter or if your game WORKED with M4-78. To install, extract the Extended Enclave Patch folder to anywhere you like, as long as it is not the SWKotOR2 folder. When you run the installer, it will present you with two options, the option "Main Installation" is REQUIRED base mod and "CARTH FIX" is OPTIONAL, select "Main Installation" and run it. "CARTH FIX" can be installed after "Main Installation", this option fixes an inconsistency with Carth's armor as seen in TSLRCM. DO NOT USE THIS OPTION if you use DarthParametric's "TOR Ports: KOTOR Comic Republic Uniforms Admiralty Patch" Uninstallation: Depends on what you've chosen to install Copy the files within the generated "backup" folder and place the file inside your modules folder, make sure you overwrite. Description: This is a patch for the Extended Enclave mod which extends version the Rebuilt Enclave sequence with new restored dialogue, scenes and other missing content. The following scenes have been modified: 1. "Tobin's Message" Previously in TSLRCM and Extended Enclave, Tobin's scene with Nihilus was totally unskippable. Presumably as this scene harboured important information regarding the games plot, specifically how Nihilus came to discover Telos and why he chose to attack it. This patch makes it so that the player can skip through most of Tobin's dialogues and get back into the action. 2. "Admiration" Scenes in the Jedi Enclave where the dialogue shows an animated fly-by camera have now been made unskippable for the duration of the camera, this was done to allow players to admire the scene for a brief moment rather than mindlessly skip it like you can in vanilla 3. "Disciple's Choice." The "Disciple's Choice" restored content has been moved from the Ebon Hawk to the Enclave. Once inside the Enclave, Kreia telepathically goads Disciple into telling the Republic what's happening but in doing so, he'd endanger the Exile. 3. "Disciple's Distress Call" Knowing that Kreia is a Sith and that the Exile and Jedi were in danger, the Disciple instead contacts Atris for help who in turn sends her Handmaidens to Dantooine. 4. "Alternate Lines." A handful of 'alternate lines' exist within the Enclave files including: 2nd takes like: Extended Enclave: "Including Master Zhar. Master Vandar." -> Patch: "Including Master Zhar... Master Vandar..." From alternate lines like: Extended Enclave: "And at last, you saw." -> Patch: "And at last, you saw the truth." To totally expanded lines like: Extended Enclave: "Yeah... I know." -> Patch: "Yeah... and she knows it. She's known it all along. She's used your own ability to form connections against you." 5. "Reaching Out." The Exile, believed to be deceased, will now be taken back to the Ebon Hawk where they will lie unconscious in the medical bay as the party believe them to be dead. The subsequent mind reading scene shall have additional lines. 6. "A bridge?" A plot hole has been covered up, kinda. Once Kreia outs herself as a Sith to the party, she takes the Ebon Hawk to Telos with Handmaiden/s and once she departs the crew, with their leader seemingly dead, return to Dantooine just in-time for the Exile to recover. 7. "I have to do this, or I will die inside, just as I died at Malachor V." Bao-Dur's mind reading scene will now include the famous TSLRP style animated camera. In my opinion, this patch is a very small mod at the current time. In the future, I shall further update the mod with new content which I hope will touch upon the scenes including the Jedi Masters, Kreia, Visas, Sion and more! Known Bugs: This mod shouldn't have bugs but if there is Just PM me on Deadlystream. Incompatibilities: Report any incompatibilities to me on Deadlystream.com Permissions: This mod may not be modified or distributed without the explicit permission of the authors. Thanks and Credits: danil-ch & Darth Hayze: Extended Enclave mod and associated files Zbyl2: Help with getting it ready for TSLRCM 1.8.6 Sith Holocron: The Awesome logo and screenshot edits JCarter426: TSLRP Inspired Camera Exile007: Sion related files LoneWanderer: Extensive Beta Testing TSLRCM Team: TSLRCM 1.8.6 and associated files Team Gizka: Creating the original Ebon hawk camera Bioware: For such an amazing game Obsidian: For such an amazing sequel and for keeping the cut content in the files Fred Tetra: For Kotor Tool Everyone who downloads the mod! Extended Enclave Credits: Thanks: ---------- Thanks go the entire TSLRCM team; your work has been outstanding. 8. Credit: ---------- AUTHORS: danil-ch and Darth Hayze: Pretty much most stuff, this included lots of scripting, vo splicing, picking up slack when one of us disappeared, etc... CONTRIBUTORS: Hassat Hunter; for help with getting it ready for TSLRCM 1.8.2 Sith Holocron; for suggesting a mod collaboration and the cool logo zbyl2; for help with getting it ready for TSLRCM 1.8.3 Exile007 - for contributing his early work on the Sion scenes TESTERS: Loki147 Malkior Legal: THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE-MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Hello everyone!! I would like to make a mod request, if possible. Something that always bugged me, was when you are on Dxun (Mandalorian Camp), it actually looks like a camp! There are patrols, people training around the camp, etc. But after the surprise sith attack, when we return from onderon, except for Zuka that keeps doing his thing on the terminal, almost everyone else stops doing what they were doing before and just stand there (even when they say that kelborn made them train and put the camp to 100% lol). What i would like to request is, if it's possible to make the camp be the same as before, when we return from Onderon? For the exception of Kelborn position of course. Thanks! 🙂
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    From the album: Magnetiicz

    Peragus 2 before the core
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    That is correct, players will need to wait for compatibility patches for these mods to work with K1GI (Though when that does come around I'm certain Ord Mantell will be first ). Textures are mostly safe, you are correct! From what you have just vaguely listed: Force power effects, Fire and Ice and planet retextures are 99.9% compatible. If you are like me and like HD textures I would avoid using the optional Blue Endar Spire texture. If you have additional compatibility questions please be sure to ask as it is better to get an answer from me which is 100% then to try and risk it.
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    From the album: Tests

    Just a nice semi-shadowed scene where the lighting adds a nice cinematic mood. (I believe some of the NPCs were the heavily improved versions from Kainzorus Prime's Overhaul mod)
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    Checking in with some model/texture work. Looking for feedback! (ignore the center shape for now)