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    I stepped away from my machinima for a bit to fulfill DP's request. It was easy peasy using the mapper function that KotorMax has, I just had to adjust some things and deal with some controller errors but this is what I got: -Both throwing grenade animations: -Using shields: At first I tried naming them cthrowgren/cthrowgren1 or throwgren/throwgren1 but they didn't play so I had to do the same as Selkath and convert the model to an F type. Then I renamed the rest of the animations to their humanoid counterparts. Let me know if they are any good and I'll submit them to the download section.
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    And here's the final skybox. Ord Mantell based on InSidious' reskin of the mod and SWTORs depiction of the planet. There are still quite a few skyboxes that need to be rendered in full quality and other minor fixes that need to be applied as I go through them so don't get too excited quite yet but it's getting there. And here's a not very impressive screenshot of the latest skybox I finished:
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    Version 1.0.0


    This mod makes a minor alteration to the Engine Lab room of the lower Black Vulkar base level to remove the Swoop Accelerator from the ground and put it on a bench. Said bench is moved from the other side of the room, where normally it impedes clear access to Kandon and his crew if the situation ends in combat. This has the side benefit of (hopefully) reducing pathing issues if the whole party tries to charge into melee combat. Additionally, several minor aesthetic fixes to the room are included. The cutting tools that normally have a static plasma (?) beam have been given some animation, and a number of pipes that had missing backfaces causing geometry culling issues have had those added. These fixes are also incorporated into the K1 Community Patch as of v1.9, so it is fully compatible with that as long as you install this mod afterwards. Installation Instructions The mod requires a GIT edit to reposition the accelerator (i.e. uses TSLPatcher), so simply run the installer. Known Issues There may some pathing issues if you try to loot the accelerator from certain angles. I've positioned it close to the front edge of the bench to minimise this from the most likely (direct) approach, but coming from the sides of the bench, especially towards the back wall end, may not work as desired. Acknowledgements Thanks to @bead-v for MDLEdit and KOTORMax.
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    Version 1.1


    Overview Odyssey++ is a set of user-defined languages for Notepad++. Based on Fancy Colors – NWScript support in text editors, Odyssey++ has been updated for the Odyssey Engine games Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords. It seeks to replicate the basic features you’d expect from an integrated development environment, such as syntax highlighting and autocompletion, to make scripting for these games more convenient. When you write scripts using Odyssey++, the program will color-code everything you type and make suggestions based on terms specific to the NWScript language. Features Syntax Highlighting – Words are color-coded based on their role in the NWScript language. Data types, operators, functions, constants, labels, strings, and comments are assigned different colors. This makes it clearer how the parts of your code interact, making it clearer what your code is actually doing, and also helps you make sure you typed things correctly. Code Folding – Text contained within { braces } can be folded and unfolded again. This lets you hide clutter when reading your code and helps keep track of whether you’ve closed everything you’ve opened. { Autocompletion – As you type, you’ll get suggestions for functions, constants, and other terms in the NWScript language. If you choose one of these suggestions by hitting TAB or ENTER, the program will finish typing it for you. This will save you a few precious keystrokes and ensure you don’t misspell things. Parameter Hints – When you type a NWScript function, a window will pop up showing all of the function’s parameters, their default values, and a description of the function from the developer comments in nwscript.nss. File Association – Whenever you open or save a .nss file, Notepad++ will switch to one of Odyssey++’s user-defined languages. Games Supported Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords
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