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    It's been a month, so here's a progress report: Completed decoding of opcodes, data types, header fields Validating basic fields and generating (helpful?) error messages Embedded NWScript engine calls into program code No need for modders to provide nwscript.nss Created call graphs of subroutines Generating graph description files for Graphviz renderer Created control-flow graphs of basic blocks Generating graph description files for Graphviz renderer Created call stack simulator Keeping track of which variables are modified To do: Identifying iteration, selection and jump statements Operator associativity and precedence Type conversions Byte code conversion to source code Source code conversion to byte code GUI Setup new dev laptop (dropped current laptop last night, awaiting delivery of new one) 😢 Probably more stuff, but I don't know what I don't know, you know?
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    One of your blade planes likely has its scale value set to 1.0 instead of 0.0. Open the ASCII in a text editor and correct it, then recompile.
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    bead-v, thanks for the suggestion but I took another route. I used SetPlayerRestrictMode() which suits me even better in this particular case. DP, I followed your advice and now there is a choke effect for every HP loss. Of course if the player enter the conversation already with very low HPs there won't be additional damage thus no extra chocking animation other than the initial and final ones.
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    Thorium charge mod. Author: Darth Gil If you don't want to search for a thorium charge to blow up the mandalorian cache door on Dxun then this mod for you! It adds a thorium charge to the mandalorian corpse near the cache door. Installation: extract all files in the archive (except readme, of course) to Override.