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    1Leonard brought up an interesting point. I'm gonna take over from where he left off. You've stated . . . But it seems you're still playing through the restored content and still working out minutia like names of starships. Leaving dialogue aside - and that's a big aside - what have you actually completed? Because it doesn't seem like a lot is set in stone at the moment but you said that your story was written "back in 2005/2006." You've changed the antagonist and that's a small change. Hmmm. But what have you done with this unnamed very big planet - or the three small planets? Have you just wrote about it or have you done something tangible in the game? If the latter, are these planets that you've cobbled together and plan to reskin - or just preexisting planets unchanged excepting a few reskin? There's a lot of questions that I'm asking here and it's a bit much. I get that. But before I get the title of "curmudgeon" (or worse) thrown at me, may I remind you that I didn't make this WIP thread. I guess I personally am not seeing enough of a foundation here that justifies this thread at this point.
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    Here's a link to the full story on Ray-Tracing including a link to Marty's WIP Path-Tracing shader. https://reshade.me/forum/shader-discussion/5450-ray-tracing-with-reshade-unofficial-guide
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    I'm opposite with Revan and Exile. But My DS Exile plays a major part in Revan's conquering the galaxy in my own little story. My Exile is fun to play and fun to write about, but I haven't gotten a real feel for his character the way I have with Revan. But that may change if I write more about him. As for your mod project,. maybe you should post a to do list and keep that updated, so you will not only keep us updated, it will help you keep a focus.Listing can be very effective. Another thing, what Sith Holocron pointed out, don't get hung up on the names of all the star ships, or, don't get hung up with Kreia's final dialogue or all the details. There's no rule that you have to conform to every part of it, as long as you keep the spirit of the game. You're not making the characters liars, it's just minor inconsistencies that might crop up in even the best works. Some may not like that, but it's your mod, and they can make their own mod if they don't like what you've done. Ultimately you should be making the mod that you want to play.
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    Kylo Ren shares his views on the D23 footage.
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    I like Atris a lot too. But for the Exile I will take her into account as well as their companions and the Jedi Masters. As for Vrook. Vrook is a dick but like you said he is overly critical of both Revan and the Exile. So I thought it would be good to use his input. Kreia who is my favorite Star Wars character is a Revan's cheerleader. Like you said she praises him. I also forgot to mention for Revan I will also take into account Briana's accounts of her people's respect for him even while he slaughtered them.