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    And another skybox is done (well, actually two). As I said before it's the Unknown World: That screenshot is actually a little older though. I've since tweaked the colors a little to reduce that horrible sun glare. Apart from that the skybox is almost exactly the same as in V1. The only difference is the moon texture which I replaced with a texture from here so that it's no longer our moon you see in this alien sky. And as always, there's also two renders and unlike my other renders, I moved the camera quite a bit for these to get a more interesting foreground. But since those islands are usually only seen in the very far distance they're of course not that great looking. Better than no foreground though But as I said in the beginning, there's another skybox and that's the sunset version of the Unknown World used in the revelation and DS ending cutscenes. That one uses the same terrain of course but I remade the sky from scratch to get closer to its vanilla look. For comparison here's the very unnatural looking V1 of that skybox. The new one is just waaaay better: It's still a little cheated and not entirely realistic but it helps setting the tone of those two scenes. I even had a version with a sky that was much more red just like the vanilla sky but that was just too unrealistic for my taste. Anyway, here's the corresponding render: Those two were close to the last vanilla skyboxes for K1. The only one left now is Kashyyyk and some tweaks to Tatooine and Manaan. And afterwards there are of course still the mod skyboxes to do. TSL is also coming along very nicely with only two vanilla planets remaining, namely Nar Shaddaa and Dxun. I started working on some building models for Nar Shaddaa and I have to say that this is probably the least fun thing I've done for these skyboxes yet... 😅 But we'll see how it goes. I'll keep you updated.
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    I recall that maybe this issue occurred for me when I had geometry with 0 polies exported with the model? Or maybe models in the layout file which don't actually exist?
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    But then who would stroke their ego? Who could they laugh at when their HOT GIRLFRIENDS got Sexy Sex with them? Remember that? I 'member. And people even still believed in TSLRP after that, somehow. Some people are just asses, withholding stuff just cause they are too loaded of themselves. Yes, I'm still mad at you Dashus for willingly misleading people for years, hoarding all the work and rather have it burn down with you rather than release it and have to have your ego take a hit when others finish it instead. Pretty sure the swoop racing was pretty much stock-stuff. It didn't even feature any swoop-racing elements like shifting, speedpads. That wasn't swoop racing. " It was a thinly veiled as a "mod", when almost anyone can recognize that it's a brand new game.  " I see you haven't ventured YouTube comment sections talking about this mod. Apparently, it's a VERY difficult concept to grasp. And when I say very difficult, I mean VERY. DIFFICULT.
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    For fucks sake... what's even worse than that letter is the people on Twitter there responding on it. Sure glad we need to "purchuase" a copy of KOTOR1 for it, since they "use assets" (read: steal VO, I presume). More blantant lies. Then they double-down on being a mod. Does this group have any idea what they are doing? Oh wow, the same stupid argument about Star Wars Theory YouTubers make. Since remaking a game that's sold on the market and making a fanmovie is TOTALLY the same thing. Did they HONESTLY refer to themselves as "talented". Daaaamn, gurl. Don't use all that ego at once. "I propose licensing to indies" - EA BITCH. FFS, do they not even have the basic understanding of the rights to Star Wars games at this moment. EA's 10-year possession is common knowledge after all. Also, the absolute gut of these people to boss around Lucasfilm and Disney. Hey, I want Kathleen Kennedy gone as much as the next guy, but I seriously doubt I'll ever adress them as "Hey, LucasFilm. Here's my own specific demands for you to follow to the letter." To conclude: "Hey, I'm sorry we tried to swindle you. You found out, you took us down... so, can we go on, now?"
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    This was posted this morning by "Poem Studios" Where to start... Lucasfilm doesn't owe "Poem Studio" a response. This feels like an attempt to get attention and make Lucasfilm look like the bad guy. The only reason there was any confusion about the nature of Apeiron was that the people working on it didn't know what the nature of it was. Some say it was a mod, others said otherwise. And the whole "needing a verified copy of the original game", wasn't it something like 3% of the game files was required to actually verify? And I love how the person who wrote this is trying to throw others under the bus, it reads like a letter from Alec Peters (If you followed the whole Axanar/CBS & Paramount drama, you'll recognize the name). As for burning bridges, "Poem"has no bridges to burn with Lucasfilm, they aren't going reply to this, reevaluate the mod, or even listen to any of the suggestions. They were trying to make something, using their IP, and, were most likely planning to try and crowdsource something with it, and that is why they came down on them And instead of accepting that fact and going "Well, we tried", "Poem" is trying to get the few people that actually believed Aperion was going to happen, and the "I hate Disney/I hate EA/I hate SWTOR" crowd to support them. I suppose pandering to those people may help you, but, I doubt it would because if this project actually happened, EA would come in and take over, and then the I hate EA/I hate SWTOR" crowd would turn on Poem faster than they could know.
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    And this is why I pointed out the Dev teams hypocrisy a few months ago: "I've talked to legal console, and they stated that there would be a high chance of us winning the argument, since this is a mod, but the legal fight would take most likely a year(s) and cost around 100k. It's been our internal policy to end production in this scenario" Clearly lying to try and save face. Knew they would try and claim the morale high ground on whichever company D&C them first. IMO, a scumbag move to make. Just admit that you were in the wrong when you claimed it was a "mod" which made it safe in the first place. P.S For anyone claiming its a mod, let me show you the definition of a mod and a definition of a video game remake: MOD: "The term mod is derived from the act of modifying a game. To mod a game is to create custom levels, objects, characters, or even unique or stand-alone game from an existing game engine. Many games come with an editor that allow for easier modding. A person who mods a game is called a modder." WIKI DEFINITION OF MOD: "A mod (short for "modification") is an alteration by players or fans of a video game[1] that changes some aspects or one aspect of a video game, such as how it looks or behaves. Mods may range from small changes and tweaks to complete overhauls, and can extend the replay value and interest of the game". VIDEO GAME REMAKE: "A video game remake is a video game closely adapted from an earlier title, usually for the purpose of modernizing a game for newer hardware and contemporary audiences and is coded from scratch".
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    Except he's not the one doing any of that work. Apparently there's some other guy working on the AI and all that boring coding stuff. You know - nothing important.