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    Forgive me if any of the following has been mentioned before as I don't wish to scour through multiple threads to find the answer. When completed, will this set-up allow for a continuous play-through from KotOR1 through TSL without resorting to going to the menu or starting a new game? If the last proves true, will the conversation between Atton and the Exile - the one where you set Revan's gender - be eliminated?
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    I'm glad You are OK and back working on your projects! The conclussion, as discussed with the Moderators amd Administrators was that we are allowed to freely discuss complete story ports of both games from one to another on Deadlystream, as well as discuss and post tutorials for such works, as long as we do not post entire ported games here on DS! As Thor110 mentioned, this can be done completly legal by automating the process as a standalone installer that contains no files from the games, and just takes the files from the respective source, genuine copy of the game, modifies it, and injects it into the destination game. Or he could simply post a detailed tutorial that skilled users could replicate at home, without distributing any files! Check out Fallout: A Tale of Two Wastelands, that did exactly that, porting and including the whole Fallout 3 game into Fallout New Vegas, 100% legal, by only providing a standalone installer and tutorial without sharing any game files. https://taleoftwowastelands.com/faq#What-is-ttw Quote from website: What is TTW? Tale of Two Wastelands is a total conversion project that seamlessly merges Fallout 3 and its DLC into Fallout: New Vegas, allowing both games to be played in a single playthrough. It upgrades Fallout 3's mechanics to those of FNV without compromising the feel and balance of the original. New Vegas mechanics like companion wheel, companion perks, weapon mods, crafting, recipes, harvestable plants, and poisons have been added to the DC wasteland items, NPCs, and world.
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    Currently it is still a template version that is being prepared for the seperate projects, so it isn't actually applicable to any potential projects just yet. As far as I am concerned as a developer, provided I can verify both installations there is nothing wrong with this. The installation of such a thing would most require an installer to verify the existing installation of both games. I also wouldn't upload it here without permission from DeadlyStream so as to avoid such issues and I thought the general consensus was that as long as it was done through an installer and verified the existence of both games, it would be fine? To be honest having gone back over the topic, I still feel the thoughts on this were still not made clear. But the kind of concern that just talking about the matter could get the site shut-down is just insane amounts of paranoia, the very fact this entire project got likened to Aperion I found laughable, Aperion wasn't even a port but a full remake that turned into a port to try and get around legal issues, where as this is wholesomely different. Feel free to get people to chime in and considering how long any of these projects are likely to take and how they may not even be started, finished or released, what does it ultimately matter for the time being? The Mods here have already made their views on the matter quite clear, basically that they aren't sure, if EA have a problem, it would have to be with me not the website. I am also only going to be porting the tutorial level of both main stories and seeing if I can gauge a potential reaction from EA / Bioware to begin with. I studied game development for two years, I am well aware of the in-s and out-s of the Game Industry, they will never shut down a project like this, it would be a waste of their time. Aperion got shut down because it was a FULL FLEDGED REMAKE not a port, they tried to change it to become a port once they encountered legal issues. Regardless my intentions are still clear for the time-being, to work on the Module Templates until reaching 0.5.0 Final Release of the template pack, then I will be porting the tutorial levels and seeing what happens, more than happy to keep that away from DeadlyStream and uploaded elsewhere. But unfortunately I forgot everybody was worried about doing something that has already been done... The JS KotOR engine remake is just as dangerous as a product to EA / Bioware as this is, if not more so. Anyway, it's still just a modules template / modders resource at the moment, apologies if my message startled anyone, forgot that everyone here was oh so worried about a repeat of Aperion ( Which actually isn't possible, both legally and technically ) due to the nature of this project as opposed to Aperions Remake. Thor110 Apologies though you are right, but having been homeless and away from the project / forums for a few months, I somewhat forgot about this and am still unsure on the final conclusion.
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    I am glad to be back, I have released a new version of the Modders Resource and overall Expanded Galaxy Project for K2, on ModDB, NexusMods and finally here on DeadlyStream! This is the second to last version of the template pack that I will be releasing, when I reach 0.5.0 it will be finalised and being duplicated to be used for various different project. K1 Story Port into K2 K1 Expanded Galaxy K1 + Free Roam K2 Expanded Galaxy K2 + Free Roam The above five projects would end up replacing Kotor 2 & Kotor 1 with 2 versions of Kotor 2 the k1 story port, expanded galaxy and free roam, then the k2 expanded galaxy and free roam. & hopefully if I am given access to the files, the continuation of the RoR mod and the TC Template Pack is the current and upcoming v0.5.0 resource release. A total of 6-7+ Projects with 2 Primary Projects as well as a launcher / download / config utility that I need to start work on and the tutorial series that I have been documenting while working on the projects. Template Module Construction Files https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1455-module-templates-for-v040-full-update/ Main Release v0.4.0 Expanded Galaxy https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1456-expanded-galaxy-v040-update/ Though the project and module files are compatible with the K1 Expanded Galaxy Project, everything is primarily tested with K2 and focused towards the K2 EG and K1 Port Projects which are my main two projects of the varying off-shoot projects created by this endeavour. As previously mentioned the overall focus of this project was initially just to port the Yavin Orbital Station into The Sith Lords, but it ended up making me set up templates for all of these projects. I hope to focus my efforts on the K1 Port and K2 EG projects for now as well as continuing work on the Swoop Demo for now. Thor110
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    Version 1.0


    Warning: You will need three dlls, which can be found here. These will have to be in the same folder as JRLEditor, OR you can follow the instructions in the DLL link. This will work for all of my tools. Warning Done. This simple set of commandline tools will allow you to convert a .tlk file to .txt, with some simple formatting, and back again, with ease. It will allow you to simply edit a dialog.tlk file with Notepad(or any other text program), which opens up options for copy-and-paste, replace, and finding certain info quickly. The tool has been confirmed to work with languages other than English, so no worries.
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    Hi Clone You're giving very little information. I assume that you mean the computer do not detect the external device correctly. If that is the case KotOR 2 isn't related at all. "Googleing" a little bit I've found this: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/application-not-found-windows I hope it helps you
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