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    Stumbled upon this by chance: https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/a-star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic-sequel-is-reportedly-in-the-works-at-ea/ I have a bad feeling about this...
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    They can't leave it alone. Too much a cash flow. Disney makes the crappiest villains and they will not understand Revan or Malak. Haven't they screwed over Revan enough? "integrate elements from the first two games in order to bring certain things into the current Star Wars canon." They will completely trash Tales of the Jedi lore just as this Sith Empire business did.
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    I read in another news source (in my native spanish) that it was actually a Remake, not a sequel. I would honestly prefer a remake to a sequel. A remake done right for both games, just graphical and gameplay-wise, would be awesome. However, my nostalgic me says that they won't get it right...
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    I have linked it there before, but you are welcome to do so if you want, realistically it will be a while before there will be much to actually test. A word of warning this is still very much a WIP, there is not really much content for the new areas yet. I really need to sit down and not only play both games again, but write a proper story and reason for being able to access the new areas. If anyone is interested in discussing the project or writing stories and quest lines for the project please message me here or on Discord. The latest release and patch still contains very little and is full mostly of the NPC's and Placeables from the first game, apart from the few interactions I noted in my last post, I will be removing all NPC's and Placeables from the first game soon, I kept them as reference for their co-ordinates in the level.
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    I was just thinking of how hilarious it would be if someone said something like, "Man, Visquis is looking AMAZING today!".
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    Search the forums next time before you post?
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    View File HD BoS:SR Portraits HD Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge (BoS:SR) Portraits for Knights of the Old Republic v1.0 - 20200119 by ndix UR (DeadlyStream user) This modification adds high resolution (1K) portrait images for the characters in the Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge modification. The portraits are rendered to match the poses, colors, and lighting of the original images as closely as possible given the following constraints: Only vanilla textures (and my own additional maps based on same) are used Because the playable characters can constitute a spoiler for the BoS:SR mod, I've put the list of characters and a combined preview image in the following Spoiler: Thanks to Silveredge9 for the blanket approval to use assets from his mods, without which I could not have released this package. If you are not using Silveredge9's Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge modification, this modification will not change your game in any way. You should though, because it's really rather good. INSTALL / UNINSTALL To install, copy the TPC files from the package Override/ folder to the Override/ folder for your KOTOR game installation. To uninstall, remove the TPC files for this package from your KOTOR game Override/ folder. LEGAL THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY OBSIDIAN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS. The content of this mod is free for use and reuse, with no expressed or implied warranty; you can redistribute it, in original or modified form. If you do, a credit of some kind is nice but not required. Submitter ndix UR Submitted 01/19/2020 Category Skins K1R Compatible Yes
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    At this point I feel like Star Wars is a car I used to love and still do, but I had to sell that car, and I have to let the new owner do whatever they want with it. So rather than stress over what stupid senseless thing they do to it, I can still remember the good times I had with it. In other words, there is nothing we can do since they own it and technically have every right to drive it into the ground on fire while everyone fights over whatever is left. A bit bleak, perhaps, but that is the reality we live in. Alternatively, we can hope that by some chance there are enough fans of actual skilled writing left (That have nothing to do with pointless love triangles, obscure prophesies, or Mary Sues jammed in for no reason; seriously, do these guys even realize how much Horrible Writing Advice has them pegged?) can create something unique and genuinely fun to watch and play. Maybe anomalies like Mandalorian and Jedi Fallen Order can fall through the cracks.
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    This mod is a dream come true for me, been playing kotor since it first released on the original xbox.
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    Having a pc issue, gimmie a few. And sorry for wait @Sith Holocron, @ZoeyMarcyQuick on my end, the mod seems to be doing well. I've had a few sounds going, now I will have to set up mines and what not for the next part So, not as clear that it's messed up.
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    @Sith Holocron, @ZoeyMarcyQuick I would be more than happy to test out *puts on a bright blue baseball cap with flames* lol I'll be a good little beta tester! well mostly... (will definitely give Carth and Trask plenty of irritation)
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    View File HD PC Portraits HD PC Portraits for Knights of the Old Republic v1.0 - 20190909 by ndix UR (DeadlyStream user) This modification adds high resolution (1K) portrait images for player characters (PCs). All 30 male and female vanilla player characters are provided, with all 5 light-dark variants, for a total of 150 new portraits. The 1K portraits have 256x the resolution of the 64x64 originals. The portraits are rendered to match the poses, colors, facial expressions, and lighting of the original images as closely as possible given the following constraints: Only vanilla textures (and my own additional maps based on same) are used A couple face textures had the eye in the wrong place and had to be fixed I reduced the number of background gradients to a set of 4 standards. The originals are all over the place in terms of the gradients and I didn't have time to replicate every one. An effort was made to match each individual set of portraits to its appropriate set of background gradients. While the textures are mostly crap, most of the work was in material setup using a modern rendering engine, so even the vanilla textures still wind up looking much better than they have any right to. This is because of real lights, shading, and materials, of which the original diffuse textures are only a part. I didn't really redo geometry, beyond appropriate use of subdivision surface modifiers. See the included images in preview/ for an idea of how the portraits look. INSTALL / UNINSTALL To install, copy the files from the package Override/ folder to the Override/ folder for your KOTOR game installation. To uninstall, remove the TPC files for this package from your KOTOR game Override/ folder. LEGAL THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY OBSIDIAN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS. The content of this mod is free for use and reuse, with no implied warranty, you can redistribute it, in original or modified form. If you do, a credit of some kind is nice but not required. Submitter ndix UR Submitted 01/15/2020 Category Skins K1R Compatible Yes  
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    Managed to get the textures on. Still working on getting the eyes right. But so far so good. Once that's done I know there's the animations for the head. Not sure where to find those.
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    I will send to you in the weekend.
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    I've been using Kotor Tool to do some light modding and one thing I would like to do is add or at least change some of the feats, but I can't really seem to find how I might do that. Could anyone point me in the right direction?
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    Just watched your Soldier's Destiny Full, great work. Also I'm glad you liked the mod, I think it was my only real mod besides a couple of 'disguise' item packs. Maybe one day I'll go back and see if I can improve things a bit. I'm still really happy with how his eyes turned out though.
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    I still use that mod to this day in my machinima films, great work! Well, since this mod's release, I've learnt a lot more in regards to scripting, and now using 3Ds Max to create custom VFX sequences (spaceships, etc.). So, I may one day - time permitting - revisit this mod (and do my own take on other cutscenes, too), but we shall see.
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    Seriously, what did the Exile do in while wandering around the outer rim? Work for food, become a laborer, or something else? Star Wars lore never really goes over what the Exile did during this time.
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    For the first part how can I forget that moment in K2. It is one of my favorite scenes in that game. As for Malak you know like you I am a Malak fan, and if it was possible I would have preferred to save him. Or if he died turn into a Force ghost like Ulic Qel Droma in Tales of the Jedi. But I agree Malak got the short end of the stick. But even in K1 they made Malak seem the dumber of the two. Even though Malak was the second most powerful Force user in the Sith. I mean there's a reason Revan made him his apprentice besides being old friends. But I also agree in K2 they did make him sound extremely dumb while glorifying Revan. But characters like the Exile and Kavar who are both known as tacticians in their own right according to the Mandalorians. They should know that in war sometimes direct action and direct thinking is necessary. But when most people reflect on both KOTOR games thay all remember Revan. Malak, the Exile, Kreia, Darth SIon and the rest are all secondary characters to his greatness. But don't worry in my mod Malak is not forgotten.
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    Kreia says that at Dantooine, after the Exile and Kreia meet/confront the Jedi. That's when he Exile is still on the ground after the Jedi Council attempted to Force Block the Exile. Kreia kneels by the Exile and says something to the effect of, "Now I understand your choice at Malachor. You left because you were afraid." Don't remember the exact words. Excellent comparison. An aside, I get tired of the whole "Malak was an idiot. Revan was sooo much better." K2 is very much guilty of this, the writers seem to have been oblivious to the unspoken nuances of K1. Don't even get me started on the Miller comics on how they treated Malak. Revan and Malak were very complimentary to each other. If Malak was such a moron, why did Revan have him as his closest friend? Malak represents direct action and direct thinking, which is preferable in many situations.
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    The fanatics miss the point of the game being fun. I had read the Tales of the Jedi shortly before playing KOTOR and recognized a lot of it in the game. Actually it is technically correct that the Mandalorians were in allegiance with Exar Kun because Ulic was supposed to answer to Exar. Even if Mandalore didn't know at first who Exar Kun was. Because of the deception practiced by the three- Droma, Kun, and Aleema Keto, and how the war against the Republic was conducted, and the Mandalorians themselves being nearly destroyed, I can't see how the Mandalorians would have allowed themselves later to be tricked again or used by the Sith. They aren't stupid. According to clasical warfare there was plenty of reasons for the Mandalorians to attack the Republic again, which is where Revan comes in decades later. At that point the Mandalorians would see the Sith and Jedi as being two sides of the same faction and to get entangled with them meant destruction of their clans. Why they attacked the Republic later would be out of revenge, to make the Clans stronger, and simple expansionism as the new clans grew under the new Mandalore. Well, anyways, not to derail this thread completely, can you imagine the Exile being a Hutt enforcer during those years of wandering? Hanging around places like Tatooine and being a smuggler?
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    Wait, they were worried The Son of Mortis would alienate audiences yet they created Snoke and a majority of the new characters out of thin air? This really was a case of film writing by committee. BTW The whole Son of Mortis subplot sounds interesting and could have actually tied up the dangling plot threads about Snoke and the Knights of Ren. It's honestly a shame they never went for it.
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    Shall we have a laugh on Christmas Eve Eve? I think we all could use one. (Keep your eyes open for the Santa cameo!) BTW, more on topic: is it possible that we don't have to quote the entire quote by @dg1995 every time it's cited? Perhaps some selective quoting is in order if it is going to be referred to constantly. Just my two cents. Happy holidays!
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    What have you done so far? Some time ago I started working on a "dlgedit" (for the same reasons you listed) in C++. ATM it can open/save dialog files, display them in a tree (which I wrote from scratch to maximize speed), it allows for copy/paste/cut/delete/create tree operations and most of the fields work, although not all are fully implemented yet. With it I made a GFF and a TLK library. If you're interested I can show you the code, either to use parts from it in your own work or to continue work on this tool (since I don't have the time right now. It is written using WINAPI, however... I can imagine that's not something you're interested in..). (this topic should probably be moved to the modding tools section?)
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    I found a version of the mod online after weeks of searching. lightsaber_7_pack2007_1.02.rar
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    Hi everyone. Following the idea of this thread, and many others I found on reddit.com, I decided to do my little project too. I'm not really used to forums tho so if anything seems out of place please let me know and/or do what you have to if you're an Admin. Also, I'm not asking for help but if you have any tips or recommendations I'll be glad to read them. Oh, and sorry for the clusterf*** I'm about to create here. It'll take a while to read all of it but I just though it might be helpfull for some people... maybe... If that's the case then that's cool with me. One last thing, I'm not perfect so expect a few typos here and there etc... Ready? Here goes... Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic "Remastered" Mod Build ================================================== Focus of the build: ----------------------- 1- Provide a "non-modder-friendly" and "bug-free" heavily-modded build for people who want to improve the original game and make it feel kinda like a "remastered" edition. The mods used should not cause unnecessary overlap and should be compatible if installed properly AND in order. The order in my list should work without issues unless I missed something. A lot of the mods are installed via a TSL patcher included with them but no other patching/merging tools are required. It's either TSL patcher or a simple copy/paste in the override, nothing more complicated than that. As long as people take the time to look at my notes and the mods readme.txt files or web pages before each step, the installation should go smoothly even with the amount of mods included. 2- Restore and/or fix as much stuff as possible from the vanilla version tho a few minor things are left out since they would still be kinda useless in the game (i.e. the Teta's Royal Band). 3- Improve the continuity between KotOR 1 and 2 with a few mods (i.e. Pazaak cards colors, life regeneration, choice of Lightsaber forms etc...). 4- Stay somewhat close to the original game when it comes to the items available. Don't expect tons of new custom (and sometimes overpowered) items BUT some of the original items were "restored" and/or "upgraded" (i.e. Davik's armor can be upgraded etc...) and, in some cases, the quantity available is increased if the player installs the "Enhanced Merchants" mod included in this build. 5- Stay very close to the canon KotOR look, story, characters and their respective abilities tho a few additional Force powers and goodies are added and some gameplay restrictions are removed like the class-skill relations. There are no new characters since no "recruit mods" were used. Also, don't expect non-Force-Sensitive characters to become a Jedi/Sith or characters to be changed to a different race. There are however some exceptions to this rule: A lot of items will look closer to what is seen in the movies since some of the "best" mods I've come across are based on them. The droids are also reskinned to look more like R2-D2 and C-3PO. The reason for this is that I couldn't find a reskin for T3-M4 that is "HD" while keeping his original color patern. And since the build also includes mods for "prequel style robes", "movie style hilts" and "movie style Lightsaber blades", let's have some "movie style droids" too while we're at it. It kinda makes sense I guess... and HK looks nice in gold imo. 6- Improve the game sounds to better match what is commonly heard in the Star Wars universe, the movies etc... 7- A few little extras are added to the game since they don't seem to be affecting the balance too much and also don't require the player to use cheats to get them because it kinda breaks the immersion when it does imo. Those extras are integrated more naturaly in the game and include: Having the choice of Lightsaber(s) type(s) when creating your own on Dantooine. A Lightsaber modded to be more unique/upgradable in the tomb of Naga Sadow. Revan's cool looking robe complete with hood, mask, animation fixes and made into a unique item instead of a "simple" Star Forge robe reskin. Some new items for Canderous. Some new items for Juhani. Probably a few more little things I forgot... Quick Notes: ---------------- 1- Even if I provide links to the mods, I'm not responsible if anything happens to your computer. I personally didn't have any problems when downloading them BUT that doesn't mean it's always the case. Internet is NOT a safe place if you don't do what you should in order to protect yourself. Please use your head and make sure you have decent protection on your computer (Antivirus etc...). 2- When you try to install mods using the TSL Patcher provided with some of them, it's possible that the patcher won't find you game's main folder. You'll know it didn't if there's no path indicated at the bottom of the patcher's window. If that's the case, you'll need to open the mod's "tslpatchdata" folder and locate the "changes.ini" file. Open that file and edit the following lines to be like this: LookupGameFolder=1 LookupGameNumber=1 When it's done, save (Ctrl+S) and close the file. The patcher should now be able to find your KotOR main folder 3- When I say "canon" I mean canon with the Knights of the Old Republic games and/or the Star Wars lore in general, not necessarily what is considered the new official canon from Disney. 4- I try to stick to the what most people seem to consider as KotOR's canon storyline with this build (lightsided male Revan and Bastilla relation) so I didn't include mods for romance with characters other than Bastilla. That doesn't mean that they aren't compatible so feel free to try adding those mods if you want. I personnaly didn't install them myself to reduce potential issues so I can't say if they'll work or not. 5- Unfortunatly, most extra content mods like Brotherhood of Shadow, Yavin IV, Tatooine Job Office, Jawashop etc were not included in the build due to lack of compatibility and/or stability and/or because it required to merge files with tools other than the TSL Patcher. If any modder(s) eventually update them to be more compatible with all the mods in this list, I think it could bring balance to the Force... and make a lot of people happy if they use this build as a template to make their own variations. Not complaining here tho, it's already amazing to see how much effort was put in modding this game and I'm very grateful to all the modders and the community around them. May the Force be with you, always! 6- The last thing I want to mention is that this build is NOT perfect and I don't consider it to be better than any other builds you could create or find out there. It's all a matter of opinion and if yours is different then mine it's ok and I won't argue over it. Mod List and Installation Order: ========================= Restoration and Fixes: ---------------------------- 1- KotOR 1 Restoration 1.2 2- Bastila on Korriban - K1R Version 1.0 3- Party on the Leviathan! 1.1 (A module file will be skipped, don't worry about it) 4- Bendak Bounty Rework 5- Dantooine Training Lightsabers 6- Hidden Bek Control Room Restoration 1.0 7- Davik's Upgradable Armor Mod 1.0 8- Sandpeople Disguise Drop Fix 1.0 (I took the standard file but it's up to the player. See the readme.txt for the other options) 9- Vrook and Zhar fix 1.0 10- JC's Merchant Inventory Fix for K1 1.0 11- Trandoshans Rescaled for K1 1.0 12- Revans Robes Revisioned (Again, standard robe files for me, see the readme.txt if you prefer to use another one of the skins included instead) 13- Mandalorian Assault Armor Restoration 1.0 14- Calo Nord Inventory Fixes (The .kmm file is not required if you simply copy/paste in your override folder, its only for people using the KotOR Mod Manager) 15- Canon Galaxy Map for KotOR 1 1.1 (Vanilla module only) 16- Green Pazaak Base Cards for K1 1.0 17- Red Lightsaber Crystal Fix 1.0 18- Sapith Fix 1.0 Gameplay Mods: --------------------- 1- Lightsaber Choices (2.0) 2- K1 Force Pack (2.0) 3- Remove Restrictions for Force Powers by Armors 4- Revamped Pazaak Store 5- Enhanced Merchants 6- Get the Other Krayt Dragon Pearl (1.1) 7- Sherruk - Attacks With Lightsabers Notes: If you decide to install this mod you may want to also install the following patch, simply overwrite the original file(s) with it: Name: Sherruk Inventory Patch Author: Fair Strides Masters: Sherruk Attacks with Lightsabers Description: Shem's above mod not only gives Sherruk equipment which is horribly overpowered, he also gives him unique items which are only meant to be acquired once in the game. This modmod reduces his loot levels and removes his unique equipment without reducing his overall difficulty. Category & Tier: Patch / 1 - Essential 8- Juhani Improved 9- Robes for Korriban Sith Students (Seems to be overwriting some files installed by K1R for a fix concerning Yuthura Ban and Uthar Wynn's robes but it shouldn't be a problem) Notes: If you decide to install this mod you may want to also install the following patch, simply overwrite the original file(s) with it: Name: Robes for Korriban Sith Students Inventory Patch Author: Fair Strides Masters: Robes for Korriban Sith Students Description: Robes for Korriban Sith Students, like many of Shem's mods, includes horribly overfilled loot lists and the inclusion of multiple items which are meant to be unique. This inventory patch reduces the loot of the Academy's occupants down to levels closer to that of vanilla. Category & Tier: Patch / 1 - Essential" 10- Tomb of Exar Kun by deathdisco 11- Upgradable Sith Lightsaber 1.0 12- Gaffi Stick Improvement 1.0 13- Canderous' Mandalorian Items 14- Darth Malak - IMPROVED 15- Leviathan Differentiated Dialogue 1.1 Graphic Mods: ------------------ Items: 1- KoTOR Weapon Model Overhaul (I don't provide a link for this one for now since people have been reporting potential virus issues from where I got it. Note that the author of the mod is NOT to blame for all the crap circulating on the net and sites like Mediafire. Hoping the author will upload it on Deadly Stream eventually.) 2- Weapon Model Overhaul Texture Rework 1.0 (Requires the "KoTOR Weapon Model Overhaul" mod in order to work as said in the readme.txt) 3- VP's Hi Poly Tin Cans - KotOR 1 1.1 or Movie Style Replacement Lightsaber Hilts (Both mods look great, the former being a refined version of the vanilla models and the latter being movie-based as the name implies. I decided to give both options here so it's up to you to choose which one you prefer) 4- Movie-Style Retextures for Kotor/ TSL (7) 5- [KotOR] Prequel Robe Replacement 1.1 (The Star Forge robes will conflict with the mod "Revans Robes Revisioned" if you installed it. Only install the regular ones and thoses for the NPCs if that's the case) 6- Mandalorian Worn Out Armour Reskin Visual Effects: 1- [K1] Hi-Res Beam Effects 2.0 2- Fire and Ice HD 3- Invisible Reticles for K1 and K2 (Choose the version you prefer if you install it and see the readme.txt) 3- Ebon Hawk Camera Replacement 1.0 4- Realistic Visual Effects 5- The Prodigal Knight Reshade (Not tested yet but should not conflict with anything) Environments: Notes: Due to a few overlaping issues with some of the following texture packs, some people might want to install all the 2012 packs instead. I didn't test them yet since they seem to be more different from the original ones than the OTE packs. I'll probably give them a try eventually especially if I notice some incompatibilities between the OTE packs during my test playthough(s) of the current build. 1- Dantooine OTE K1 2- Tattooine OTE 3- Manaan OTE 4- Korriban OTE NG K1 (A texture was overwriten and I'm not sure why but I guess it's a texture used by one of the 3 other mods from before) 5- Korriban planet interior textures (Final) (I didn't install it yet due to some overlap. I'll see how it looks on Korriban first since it seems the "Korriban OTE NG K1" already uses a lot of those files) 6- KASHYYYK OTE NG 7- Endar Spire OTE 8- ForgedStar NG 9- Sith Base Cerberus 10- UNKNOWN WORLD 2012 (I skipped the 5 files that were overlaping) 11- Vurt's K1 Hi-Res Ebon Hawk Retexture 12- The EbonHawk-HDTP R1 13- High Quality Skyboxes 1.2 (I only downloaded the HQSkyboxes_Part1.rar and HQSkyboxes_Part2.rar files but it's up to the players to see what they want since there's a few levels of quality available for this mod. Also, seems like 10 files from the mod were overwriting some skyboxes files from other mods so I skipped them. I decided to keep those that came with the OTE packs to prevent potential issues for now) 14- High Quality Cockpit Skyboxes 1.0 (I installed the High Quality Cockpit Skyboxes XL.zip but it's up to the players to take what they prefer since there's a few levels of quality available for this mod) 15- [KOTOR] High Quality Starfields and Nebulas 1.3 (I skipped the 2 files that were overlaping to prevent potential issues for now) Loadscreens: 1- Loadscreens in Color Characters skins: 1- Malak - Path of Corruption 1.0 2- Juhani Catlike Head Mod 3- T3-M4 to R2-D2 Conversion 4- HK-47 Reskin Pack (I installed the gold skin to match with T3-M4's reskin and make them look similar to the droids from the movies as mentionned before in "Focus of the Build") 5- Revan's Head (I installed the PMHC files but not the PO files for the portrait. See the next mod on the list to learn why) 6- PMHC04 Head Replacements (I only installed the "PO" files for the portrait from the brown version's folder. While the image isn't 100% accurate to the face installed for Revan, it blends better with the other portraits from the Custom Party Member Portraits 2.0 mod suggested a few lines lower in the list. It's up to the players to decide if they want it or not, I'm just being picky here) 7- Mission Vao HD by Quanon 1.0 8- Quanons Zaalbar Reskin 1.0 9- Quanons Canderous Ordo Reskin 1.0 10- Quanons Bastila Shan Reskin 1.1 11- Quanons Carth Onasi Reskin 1.0 12- Custom Party Member Portraits 2.0 (I installed all the original portraits files except those for Juhani since the "Juhani Catlike Head Mod" comes with a portrait that is adequate for her new face) Audio Mods: --------------- 1- Ultimate Sound Mod Final Notes: ========= I DON'T TAKE CREDITS FOR ANY OF THE MODS listed here and I DID NOT MAKE ANY OF THEM. I also won't take the time to list all the modders names here since it would take forever... well not really but you know what I mean. If you want to know who they are and want to give them credits please go on the mods respective pages and leave them a comment. I'm sure they'll appreciate it. As for me, well I only took the time to research all those great mods and tried to put this list/build together in a coherent way (I hope) to help people who wanted a template to make highly improved versions of the game more easily. Nothing more than that. HUGE thanks to: -------------------- BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT for making KotOR 1 & 2. ALL THE MODDERS that help keeping these amazing games fresh and interesting. Everyone at Deadly Streams, Nexus Mods, MOD DB and all the other sites hosting the mods. May the Force be with you... ->Legal: THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHORS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THESE FILES. Now back to playing the game at laaaaaaast!
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    Dantooine looks amazing! I love the tiling
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    I think the locking mechanism would be wonderful on the numerous lockboxes we encounter throughout the game.
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    I was in my local supermarket when I spotted this. This. This is a thing. Apparently the original price for a 12 packs of cans - according to the supermarket anyway - was over 20 bucks. (I'll provide a shot of it tomorrow when I return to that supermarket.) Apparently there are several different can pictures. (The Darth Maul cans apparently are all gone and who knows who else they stuck on these things.) The only cans left "feature" Kylo Ren. Now the going price is two 12 packs for 5 bucks. This must be rancid. So I did what anyone would do in this situation. I bought two of them! I was musing about this for most of the day: what to do with this potentially noxious substance. (Besides - duh - drink it.) But how to do it? I settled on the obvious - I must make a reaction video consuming this swill. But when should I release the video? Then it came to me. April 1st, 2020. I'll record a video drinking it on Monday and then record another video on March 31st, 2020 - drinking it again. The reason for the delay is so I can see a before and after of me. I'll be real with you folks - I've gained way too much weight since retiring from the military as of May 1st. Having a deadline to improve how I look (and feel) will prove helpful to making serious in-roads on efforts to curb my weight. Also, if this stuff is as rancid as I expect it to be - think of the extra hilarity of knowing I'll have drink this stuff twice. So . . . thoughts?
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    Asking because I did a google search and didn't come up with anything. Also I figured I'd post in this specific forum because I'd like to mod them into my own personal game if it's even possible. I have the feeling there are only dark side transitions, but I gotta make sure! One last question while I'm here... I've been meaning to ask if there's any in depth guides to modding KotOR 1 that I can view offline on my computer? Sometimes I linger around on sites, some of which will end up disconnecting me for being on them too long (even though I'm still working on stuff, I'm looking at you Canva) and it takes my tiny little pea sized brain a while to absorb information. I don't own a printer, and I'm always very hesitant about visiting new sites that I'm not familiar with. TBH I'm not sure how I even got here on deadlystream with that mindset lol. TL;DR: I would like to add light side transitions to my game and I'm looking for a complete offline/downloadable guide to K1, if possible.
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    Would there be a way to Port this to K1 at all? Or is it an impossibility?
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    I don't disagree, most robes from TOR suck something major, but there are a few that look similar to the Kotor ones, and some that could look exactly the same with some texture work. The ones I attached are similar to the ones in your post, no?
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    Most of TOR's Jedi robes are complete ass. The only thing of merit is the armoured robes, and if I ever get around to that it will be a hybrid using the TSL Knight/Master robe outer, with just the chest and legs from TOR. But that's way down the priority list. New girl added to the team, Rodian female: I tried an envmap on the eyes the time around, but the result was kind of meh. Need to experiment with some different cube maps (this one was Darth_Sapiens' CM_SpecMap).
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    Now that Dark Jedi Wear Robes is released, it's time to beef up their adversaries with a companion mod. The ranks of the Jedi are a little thin on variety. In my latest playthrough, their Star Forge boarding party apparently comprised 90% Mullet Men. So I plan to spice that up a bit with some new alien Jedi appearances. The first batch are done - Rodian, Kel Dor, and Nautolan males: Like the Dark Jedi mod, this will make use of the ported TSL Knight robe models from @JCarter426's Cloaked Jedi Robes mod. I'm not sure what the full roster will look like just yet, but I've previously messed around with both Rodian and Nautolan female heads, so those are on the list. Beyond that I am undecided.
  37. 1 point
    Trying out swapping out the terrible crowd sprites in the Taris arena with some from TOR. Also did some remodelling of the "stands" as well, resizing them and adding some glass barriers.
  38. 1 point
    Yeah the normal map on the face looks pretty crap. I removed it and I think it looks a lot nicer without it:
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    They all have some sort of device at the back of the neck/head: I did consider adding a tank, but they already clip with a lot of hair, so adding more junk isn't likely to make things better. And there is no way to make them a skinned mesh outside of incorporating them into the head model (or going for a full body model), so trying to add stuff that extends past the head is pretty much a non-starter. Perhaps that could be an option for a specific NPC version. I was thinking about maybe trying something akin to the Cad Bane look, since there is also that style of hat available in TOR.
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    There's also this one:
  43. 1 point
    Another breath mask option: There's a lot of fixing required for some of these due to backface culling issues.
  44. 1 point
    Got some more, although they aren't really supposed to be used with heads with hair (but meh). And if anyone wants to make suggestions for replacements, here's a chart of what the vanilla masks look like: Edit: And a couple more to round out the evening's work:
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    I believe TamerBill managed to get around this by creating dummy feats (i.e., ones that show up in the feats panel but have no actual properties/effects), and tying them to modifiers added to recurring scripts like the party heartbeat script.
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    Great. It's not like the Old Republic era hasn't already been butchered enough by ToR and Disney. I know a lot of fans have been clamoring for a sequel for years, but I've never seen the appeal. It'll invariably disappoint, not least due to Disney.
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    A Falleen might be kind of strange from a story perspective since they use strong pheremones to influence business dealings. Then again, that also might lend itself to more interesting character interactions further along the way.
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    Hello all, I spent several hours last night attempting to get a version of Dooku's hilt working in TSL. I made some progress, but ultimately I think I am doing something wrong somewhere. 1. I started with the Dooku hilt in this mod: https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic/file/movie-style-replacement-lightsaber-hilts 2. Next, I followed these instructions: https://deadlystream.com/topic/1643-how-to-convert-a-hilt-model-between-kotor-and-tsl/ 3. I extracted the MDL and MDX for g_w_lghtsbr02 using Kotor Tool 4. Using the above instructions I attempted to convert the Dooku hilt for TSL, and then replace g_w_lghtsbr02 with the new model using MDLOPS 0.5. For all intents and purposes, the process went exactly as the instructions stated. I then moved over the new g_w_lghtsbr02 MDL and MDX files into override and booted up the game. I apologize for not having screenshots, as I am typing this at work. However, while the hilt worked in game, it was plain silver and the bottom of the saber blade floated above the hilt's emitter. It did not look great at all. I attempted the process again with the same result. I then attempted the same process using MDLOPS 1.0, however the game crashes with the MDL and MDX files that are created. After my failures with the above, I downloaded the Ultimate Saber Mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/23. Knowing this mod is not at all compatible with TSLRCM, I did not install it. What I did do was pull all the files I could find that were associated with the Dooku hilt from this mod. After placing them in override, I used KSE to add the hilt directly to my inventory and then booted up the game. This worked a bit better than my conversion attempt. The blade was actually flush with the saber emitter, but again the hilt was just plain silver. Additionally, I am forced to use the USM crystal, otherwise the game crashes. My best guess is I am missing something with textures, along with likely doing the entire process incorrectly. I know jack all about 3d modeling, textures, etc. The extent of my knowledge in this subject lies on the few forum posts I have read, and that is about it. I am however quite computer literate outside of this topic. What I would truly like to happen is to get the Dooku hilt from the K1 mod working, but I am just lost. If someone could assist me, or even convert it for me, it would be very much appreciated.
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    I finally managed to add Yavin and the other planets to the Galaxy Map, I have prepared a small release for people to use, it works alongside TSLRCM, M478EP and TSL Jedi Temple / Coruscant Mod, I was still hoping to add more planets but it seems that even with two slots left it just doesn't let me and replaces the last each time I add one. More Planets ? . ! Screenshots The merchant only offers three components for the speeder at a time, dependant upon the amount of Jedi Masters the player has discovered at the time, be it from 0 to 4, there is only a basic stock at the moment until I refine it and make it fit in line with the games progression. Thor's Back Story ( Name and character was initially a place holder, but might end up being an extra clan / mandalorian for Canderous to recruit ) Yavin IV - 4 Planets Demo Release 0.5.9 - KotOR II The SIth Lords This is still just a bare bones version of the mod with Tatooine, Kashyyk, Manaan and Yavin, there are two or three graphical issues with some of the models that I have noticed lying around, one on Manaan and the other on Kashyyk. (kas_m25aa, man_m26aa & man_m26ae ) 0.5.9 Yavin Demo.7z Yavin Patch Note : I suggest using a fresh install combined with TSLRCM, M478EP and the Jedi Temple Mod followed by this to test it out. There are only five NPC's that can be interacted with at the moment. I am slowly trying to write dialog and plan quest lines for these planets, please get in touch if you have any ideas or would like to join the project. Bug List
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    This is a little something that I'll be working on over the upcoming months. A cross-platform modding tool designed to create and modify the various file types used by KotOR's engine. A new KotOR Tool if you will. This is in very early stages so don't expect much and anticipate crashes and bugs - so save regularly! The file size is fairly large as well due to it including needed libraries inside the executable. I do intend to make this open source at some point in the future, but not for the time being. I'm testing this in Ubuntu, so I'm unsure of how stable the Mac and Window versions are so testers are appreciated. I welcome any feedback and suggestions. Whats currently implemented in v3: GFF Editor 2DA Editor TLK Editor ERF/RIM Editor TPC Viewer MDL Viewer Audio Player Saving files directly into modules Opening and extracting files from the game's data Search filter on files from the game's data Any number of game directories are loadable at one time Choose between different themes (System/Light/Dark) Download Links: Windows (7 and up, requires VC++ Redist) Mac (10.9 and up) Linux