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This mod adds a new tomb to the Valley of the Dark Lords - the tomb of Azgath N'Dul.

You will find it between the tombs of Ajunta Pall and Tulak Hord.

A couple of robes will come out funny if you are using oldflash's Final Touch - The Chatos Robes, the Sith Lord Robes and the Robes of Azgath N'Dul.

This is because of a model change that mod introduces.

They won't crash your game, but they will look a bit odd.


This mod adds: ten new robes, three new armours, four new weapons, two weapons I've released separately before,

a new belt, a new pair of gloves and a new Force Power, not to mention many other items that can be created by the Force Transmutation Device.

I've tried to keep the stats fairly balanced, but that's by my judgment.


N.B.: Robes included in this mod may not be compatible with robe mods which you have installed.


Please be sure to download kyrie's changes.ini fix before installing this mod (click here), and then the 2.2 patch.

What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


  • v2.0, 11/02/2008
  • ----------------
  • -Fixed a bug where the computer wouldn't appear, but there'd be a dead Jedi instead;
  • -Fixed a bug which was causing the original tomb of Ludo Kressh to lag horribly;
  • -Fixed the map for Azgath's tomb;
  • -Fixed Bazak Krall's robes so they aren't semi-transparent/have a bit less patterning on them;
  • -Made the broken bottle worthless;
  • -Added many new items;
  • -Added a holocron;
  • -Added Lord N'Dul's Force Transmutation Device;
  • -Added some more creatures to slaughter;
  • -Added a sidequest before you can find the tomb;
  • -Fixed up to use the TSLPatcher.
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