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The Harbinger is apparently the Swiss cheese of spacecraft. It has more holes in it than a damn sieve. This mod is a combination and extension of my previous separate mods fixing various geometry and model issues with the Harbinger. Geometry has been tweaked or added, UVs adjusted, model hierarchies re-ordered, etc. where appropriate to remove gaps, fix incorrect lightmaps, or address other problems.

The previous individual mods rolled into this mod:

  • Harbinger Escape Pod Room Hole Fix
  • Harbinger Broom Closet Wall Lights Fix
  • Harbinger Command Deck Corridor Wall Gaps Fix

Those mods are now considered deprecated and have been removed from the site.

N.B. I recommend the use of @Kexikus' TSL Backdrop Improvements mod for an enhanced view out of the Harbinger's windows.

Specific Changes:

  • 151HAR (Harbinger Command Deck) - Plugged a large gap in the wall of the escape pod room (151HAR09)
  • 151HAR (Harbinger Command Deck) - Closes some small gaps in the exit airlock and inaccessible cutscene room that are visible during the hologram cutscenes (151HAR14, 151HAR17)
  • 151HAR (Harbinger Command Deck) - Replaces the asteroid exterior visible through the windows with the more detailed version used during the space suit sequence (151HARSB) and tweaks its lightmap to fix a couple of visible shading errors (104pera_lm0)
  • 152HAR (Harbinger Crew Deck) - Fixes the non-functional wall lights in the storage room (152HAR33)
  • 152HAR (Harbinger Crew Deck) - Repositions an offset panel in one of the doorways outside the medbay (152HAR30)


  • Should be compatible with just about everything, but it won't be compatible with any mod that replaces the same room models, listed above


  • Thanks to bead-v for KOTORMax and MDLEdit, and ndix UR for MDLOps 2K18 Edition
  • Thanks to @ndix UR for bringing the "broom closet" light issue to my attention
  • Thanks to @Deltm for bringing the hologram cutscene room issues to my attention
  • Thanks to @DarthRaindrops for bringing the medbay corridor issue to my attention
  • Thanks to @134340Goat for bringing the asteroid exterior issue to my attention

What's New in Version 1.1


  • Replaced the asteroid exterior visible from the Harbinger Command Deck with the version used during the space suit sequence
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good work, everything properly sealed to potential (air) leaks.  ;)     thanks keep up great ideas/stuff comin' 

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