Movie-Style Rakatan Holograms 1.1

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This mod replaces the model used for the Rakatan hologram to bring it more in-line with the style seen in the movies and TSL. It also now has lipsync, unlike the original model. Additionally, the placeable Rakatan holo statue has been changed, swapping the original 2D billboard for a 3D model, and again bringing the appearance in-line with other holograms.

As of v1.1, the hologram in the Elder's compound has now been moved above the computer to an added hologram projector rather than standing in the hallway, and the static camera reoriented to suit. Pre-emptively compatible with changes to this module coming in v1.8 of the K1 Community Patch.

To install, run TSLPatcher.exe. You can safely install if you already have v1.0 without removing any files. You will, however, need a save before entering the Elder's compound for the first time in order to see the changes take effect.

Known Issues:

  • During testing a crash was discovered during the Kashyyyk Star Map sequence. I believe this has been completely resolved, but if you encounter any such issues then you may need to add the "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1"  line under [Graphics Options] in swkotor.ini
  • The original holo statue uses a billboard VFX which always faces the camera. As such, the directional facing of the placeable is irrelevant. The switch to a 3D model results in a static facing, I set this to match the facing of the placeables used in the South Beach Elder's compound, but if this placeable is used elsewhere it may end up facing the wrong direction. If anyone spots such a case, let me know in the comments.


  • Thanks to @bead-v for KOTORMax and MDLEdit, and for figuring out the skin vs trimesh hierarchy alpha crash issue
  • Thanks to @JCarter426 and @jc2 for undertaking some testing to confirm the crash issue

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • Changed the position of hologram in Elder's compound so it is projected above the computer rather than standing in the hallway
  • Added projector to the Elder's computer and projection VFX to base of hologram model
  • Removed Rakatan idle animations from hologram model that were causing facing offsets
  • Reoriented hologram in the Kashyyyk Lower Shadowlands so it faces forwards after idles removed
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