NPC Overhaul for K1

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After much work and planning, I've decided to include the character known as Vima Sunrider, the daughter of Nomi Sunrider, from the Star Wars Legends comics. Based on the year of her birth and the year in which Kotor I takes place that Wookieepedia provides, she'd be about 44-45 by this time. She was initially supposed to appear as a companion in the game but was instead replaced by Bastila and to some extent Juhani as well. Her robe is customized using the Mandalorian Wars robe template from the BOSSR mod and I colored her hair to make her look roughly in her age range. 


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Changed my mind about Atris and the other Jedi. Here's a test where I gave her some lines. It's not perfect but it's a start. I plan on giving lines to the other three masters who I ported in from Kotor 2 for the enclave. 



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