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Hello and Good Day to All

Here is my personal list of mods that I have used with each other. Note that some of the mods have compatibility patches in order to work with other mods "So make sure to do your research"
None the less I have done a full play through using these mods, so if anyone is interested and would like a list of mods that will work - then see below for all the mods.

Install TSLRCM 1.8.5 first

TSLRCM 1.8.5 - 

Game Balancing Mods

Improved Ai By Stoffe -

K2 Improved Gameplay By MetaBee -

Party Leveler By jc2 -

K1 and TSL Difficulty Options By Darth Shan -

More Powerful Sith Lords By MetaBee -

Or Alternatively Thematic Sith Lords By Singaroo -

Note: Thematic Sith Lords and More Powerful Sith Lords Are not compatible. Use one or the other. 

Bug Fixing Mods 

Benok's Alternate Lines By N-DReW25 -

Comlink and Sonic Imprint Sensor By N-DReW25 -

Infinite Energy Shields By N-DReW25 -

JC's Feat Fixes By JC -

JC's Minor Fixes By JC -

JC's Supermodel Fix By JC -

JC's Zhug Attack Fix By JC -

Pologue senor droids fix By danil-ch -

Serocco Guard VO Fix By N-DReW25 -

Visas Marr's Robe Fix By todevuch -

Override Mods

Remote Tells Influence By Shem & tk102 -

Terentateks By LDR -

Extra Mods 

Bye Bye Goto By maltron66 -

Extended Enclave By danil-ch -

Full Jedi Council By Kexikus -

LOki's Jedi Armor By LOki194 - 

Handmaiden and Female Exile By Leilukin -

Dxun and Onderon Item Restoration By N-DReW25 -

E3 Style Dxun Masters By N-DReW25 -

Sith Assassins - With Lightsabers By Shem -

Default Replacement Hilts Mega Pack By Kaidon Jorn -

TSL Galaxy Map Fix Pack By bead-v -

Coruscant Jedi Temple By deathdisco -

Jedi Temple Loadscreens By HK42 and deathdisco -

Loading Screens 

Replacement Loading Screens For K2 Part 1 By Sith Holocron -

Replacement Loading Screens For K2 Part 2 By Sith Holocron -

Replacement Loading Screens For K2 Part 3 By Sith Holocron -

Replacement Loading Screens For K2 Add Ons Pack By Sith Holocron -

Concept Loading Screens By Darth InSidious -

New Legal Screens For Kotor & TSL By Varsitypuppet -

( Cant Remember As It's Been A while - But You Might Need Uniws Patcher ) If someone can confirm that would be great. 


Canonical Jedi Exile By michaelfung2000 -

Darth Sapien's Mandalore HD Reskin By Darth Sapien -

Darth Sapien's Nihilus HD Reskin By Daeth Sapien -

Darth Sapien's 2K Visas Marr By Darth Sapien -

Effixian's Bao-Dur Reskin By Effixian -

Handmaiden Head Retexture By corpsecotillion -

Atton Faithful HD Reskin By tjsase -

Leilukin's Kreia Reskin By Leilukin -

Mandalorian Reskin By FF97 -

Quanon's T3m4 Reskin -

Modders Resource TFU - Style Darth Sion By Deadman -

Quanon's HK-47 Reskin -


Peragus Large Monitor Adjustment By Sith Holocron 

TSL Animated Computer Panel By ebmar 

Replacement Peragus II Artwork By Trench

TSL Harbinger and Hammerhead By sELFINDUCEDcOMA 

TSL HD Cockpit Skyboxes By tjsase 

Improved Dantooine Skybox By Darth Raindrops 

More Vibrant Skies By Malkior 

Realistic Skybox for deathdisco's Coruscant By 90SK & Sith Holocron

Realistic Nar Shaddaa Skybox By Sharen Thrawn

TSL High Quality Stars And Nebulas By Kexikus 

New Texture of Holocrons Telos By Sith Holocron 

Kotor 2 Animated Ebon Hawk Monitors By Sith Holocron

Replacement Texture For Lightning on Malachor V By Sith Holocron 

Protocol Droids By Vurt 

Refurbished Astromech Droids By Sith Holocron

TSL Swoop Monitors Replacement Pack By Sith Holocron 

Czerka Sign and Desk Enhancement By Sith Holocron

Hi Resolution Skin for Ebon Hawk  By Vurt 

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