MOD:JC's Minor Fixes for K1

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JC's Minor Fixes for K1


This is a collection of various things that I found annoying enough to alter. I collect things that I don't think warrant their own mods into a single mod, to be released to the general public when it becomes more substantial.


I've divided this mod into five categories: Straight Fixes, Bug Fixes, Resolution Fixes, Aesthetic Improvements, and Things What Bother Me Fixes.

Straight Fixes are fixes for issues I think are genuine errors or mistakes or oversights or what have you. There's a problem, here's a fix for it. No artistic license is involved.

Bug Fixes really fall under straight fixes but I've separated them into their own category because they're more severe and there's absolutely no reason not to have them. They fix bugs that could potentially break your game. What I've included are either well known and easy for me to do a quick fix or came to my attention directly. There are lots of other bugs this mod doesn't fix, so I strongly suggest that you seek out a more extensive bug-fixing mod.

Resolution Fixes are all textures from the game for which there were identical, higher resolution textures somewhere else in the game files. So I've swapped the lower resolution ones for the higher resolution ones. I've separated these from the straight fixes because a) I didn't make any of the content here - it's all extracted from the game, and b) they don't actually fix "problems" per se - it's just an increase in resolution. It looks the same, with slightly more pixels.

Aesthetic Improvements are my attempts to improve the visual quality in certain areas. I've tried to maintain the original aesthetic of the game while improving the quality. But the nature of the improvements necessitates new content created by me. You might not like my work, or you might use a different mod that touches on these areas, or whatever, so I've isolated these from the other fixes.

Things What Bother Me Fixes fix things what bother me. They might not bother you but they bother me, so I've isolated those as well.

For a full release history, see the accompanied file.

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And what exactly are said fixes? From the pictures I imagine something like:

  1. Removing Manaan airlock transitions
  2. Not highlighting new items in inventory?
  3. Fixing UV seams on random pipes on Tatooine? Czerka office?
  4. Making the alien hating guy on Taris a human?
  5. ?? No idea
  6. Turret sides don't extend to the edge of the screen in widescreen


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6 minutes ago, DarthParametric said:

And what exactly are said fixes?

I like to keep you all guessing. :)

Or actually, it's a misshapen collection of fixes I've compiled over the span of years and as soon as they're done I forget what they are.

From the pictures:

  1. The annoying transition messages, yes.
  2. That's the plot crystal, the one used to build your first lightsaber... I guess it's hard to tell from the regular crystal items, but it used to be they all had the opila icon. Now they look like the normal blue/yellow/green crystals.
  3. The protocol officer's hair seam.
  4. Wrists on the clothes were misaligned before.
  5. The placeable model was pretty bad before. There were metal parts hovering in the air; the UV mapping was terrible - somebody painted a mural of a droid onto the bottom of the kiosk, apparently; and I never liked the droid head because it looks like an R2 unit rather than a KOTOR droid, the head is too small to be from an R2 unii or a KOTOR droid, and the model is used for non-droid kiosks all over the game, so I thought it made more sense to remove it outright.
  6. Ack, you are correct... but what's fixed there is the Sith fighter laser color. The lasers were green in the original game, even though they're red in the Bink videos

Full list of changes for v1.0




The three different crystals you can use to construct your first lightsaber all
had the wrong icon.

- dan13_bluecryst.uti
- dan13_goldcryst.uti
- dan13_grncryst.uti


They were the wrong color.

- LMG_blaster02


These add in area geometry that was missing from some of the stunt modules used
for cutscenes. They removed all the rooms that wouldn't be visible for the
cutscene, but some of them... would be visible.

- stunt_endbridge.lyt
- stunt_endbridge.vis
- stunt_starforge.lyt
- stunt_starforge.vis


Added missing shaders for these textures.

- LKA_leaf01.tga
- LKA_leaf01.txi
- LKA_leaf02.tga
- LKA_leaf02.txi
- lka_leaf03.tga
- lka_leaf03.txi
- P_BastilaBB01.tga
- P_BastilaBB01.txi
- PLC_Hyper.tga
- PLC_Hyper.txi




After the Xor encounter, other messenger quests would be bugged.

- k_hxor_state03.ncs



All of these are textures from the game, replaced with the highest resolution
versions of those textures I could find in the game files.




Fixed some issues with the male commoner clothing variants.

- N_ComM02.tga
- N_ComM03.tga
- N_ComM04.tga
- N_ComM05.tga
- N_ComM06.tga
- N_ComM08.tga


The lady that run things on Tatooine has had her head edited to make her hair
less horrible looking.

- n_tatcoma_f.tga


The placeable Sith corpse had a low resolution texture (256x256) with part of it
identical to the higher resolution Sith soldier texture (512x512). I've edited
it to combine the two and improve the quality.

- PLC_SSldCrps.tga
- PLC_SSldCrps.txi



Fixed some oddities on the PLC_Kiosk2 model. There were some random metal things
just hovering in the air, some bad UVW mapping, and I always thought the droid
head looked a bit anachronistic. I mean, more like the droids of the film era
than the ones in the game. It's also a lot smaller than the ones in the game,
so I decided to remove it rather than replace it.

- plc_kiosk2.mdl
- plc_kiosk2.mdx



I made those annoying things into bark bubbles instead of cutscenes so you can
ignore them and continue on your way.


This removes the custom animations that are present on the Sith uniform models.
Yeah, removes. It might sound weird to call that a fix, but I thought they
looked bad. The Sith just have a looping idle animation and then the rest is all
from the stock set, but there's no transition between the two. It jerks from one
animation to another. Additionally, the placement of Saul's hands was... an
interesting choice. So my solution was just to remove them all and make them use
all the regular people animations.

- N_AdmrlSaulKar.mdl
- N_AdmrlSaulKar.mdx
- N_SithComF.mdl
- N_SithComF.mdx
- N_SithComM.mdl
- N_SithComM.mdx



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14 hours ago, Salk said:

The animation for the Sith uniforms you talked about...

Is it that awful looping animation of salute?

To my knowledge, the Sith don't have a custom saluting animation, so no. What I've gotten rid of is this beauty:



And the idle animations on the other Sith models. I guess BioWare put them in to give them some variety, but they only made the idle anmations, so there's no transition between them and the stock set, making it jerky. I didn't like it, and didn't think the new animations added anything particularly valuable to the game in the first place.


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Thanks for the detailed explanation.

What I mean with salute animation is something I noticed when looking at the camera feed at the Sith Base in Taris. You would see Sith Soldiers ridiculously looping through some sort of  stand at attention animation.

If you have a chance, please take a look there and tell me if that doesn't irk you too. :)

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Greetings, Mod's Author!

Presumably there's an issue with these contents [from Straight Fixes]:


When I got to Kashyyyk the trees appearance looks unnatural - by my sightings; seems like they're layered on top of everything behind. I found out that they're using

blending additive

for their shader - as the mod's intent. So, went comparing them to vanilla and apparently not having TXI information on them. A question followed; any reason with why having blending additive?

Just my thoughts: being certain only having texture alpha for transparency would sometimes lead to problems with meshes rendered behind the applied object would be missing - have you considered on using

blending punchthrough

instead? Many thanks for considering this report. :cheers:

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You're right, they should use punchthrough. I likely typed additive out of habit, or copied an older file without checking.

I had been planning to change all those from TGA/TXI to TPC format anyway, so I'll do an updated version soon.

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So, how does one apply these fixes?  Locate the file to be replaced and then replace it?

NM, I found it in the readme: All files go in the override file.  Folders and all, or just the files?  I'm trying it with just the files first...

Edited by Foradain

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