JC's Feat Fixes for K2 1.1

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This mod corrects some errors in the feat.2da file, which determines what classes can get what feats.

First, a number of feats available to the base Jedi classes were not available to the prestige classes. This appears to be an error, given the inconsistency. It wasn't even that no prestige classes could take them. For some feats, certain tiers were available but not the rest. Other feats were available to some classes but locked out of others, despite being available to all Jedi classes. So I've gone through and set all feats that seem like they were meant for all Jedi classes to be available for all Jedi classes. The affected feats are:

  • Caution
  • Close Combat
  • Dual Strike
  • Empathy
  • Gear Head
  • Regenerate Vitality

Second, the Scoundrel class was similarly missing access to feats they ought to be able to take, based on what is available to other organic classes:

  • Class Skill: Treat Injury
  • Dual Strike
  • Weapon Focus: Blaster Rifle
  • Regenerate Vitality

Third, the Finesse: Lightsabers feat was redundant, because Finesse: Melee Weapons applies to both melee weapons and lightsabers. This was probably not the intent, but these feats are hard-coded, so I have no way of fixing them. So I chose to remove the ability to select Finesse: Lightsabers at all. If you want to build a finessing character and receive the benefits of this feat, you can select Finesse: Melee Weapons instead and get it for melee weapons as well as lightsabers.



1. Run Feat_Fixes_K2.exe.
2. Click "Install Mod" and select your game directory (default name SWKOTOR2).



1. Delete feat.2da or replace with backup if necessary.



KOTOR Tool – Fred Tetra
TSLPatcher – stoffe



Mod: JC's Feat Fixes for K2

Mod Author: JCarter426

Game: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

Attribution Preference: "Feat fixes by JCarter426" or "uses JC's Feat Fixes" or some other reasonable phrasing.

Additional Credits:

  • KOTOR Tool – Fred Tetra
  • Credits:        TSLPatcher – stoffe

This mod resource is released under the following licenses:

  • Attribution Only License

Attribution Only License (AOL)

* You've got mods! *

The creator of this mod has authorized the contents of this mod for public use. Other modders are free to use and edit materials from this mod and include them in other mods. This license applies to everyone equally and no further explicit permission from the original mod creator is required, provided the terms of this license are permission is not required provided the terms of this license are followed.

  • The user must provide clear attribution for the source and creator(s) of these materials, following the specified attribution preference. The file that contains this attribution must be included along with all the other mod contents. (For example, crediting the original mod creator in your mod's description on a website, but not in any file someone would actually download, would be a violation.)
  • The user must include any additional credits as indicated.
  • This license applies only for the use of these materials in other mods (i.e. a form of software accessed within a video game). This license does not grant the user unlimited power to distribute these contents, edited or unedited, even if attribution is granted. These materials are being offered to encourage the creation of new mods that alter the game experience.  (For example, distributing these materials as a mod resource on another website, or uploading the entirety of the mod as a "new" mod without really changing anything, would not be in the spirit of this license.)
  • Where appropriate, it would be nice to provide a link to the original mod and/ or tag the original mod creator. However, this is not mandated. This is just a polite suggestion.




What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • Added fixes for the Scoundrel class. Thanks to Onderduiker for tipping me off about them.
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