MOD:[K1] Placeables Specularity Tweaks

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[K1] Placeables Specularity Tweaks



This mod replaces the vanilla and/or the installed placeables texture with the specularity-tweaked vanilla placeables texture.


# Background #

The primary motivation of this mod is to get the most of vanilla textures, by tweaking their alpha channel to have them showing their best shades and reflections.


# About this Mod #

Inside this version are 13 specularity-tweaked vanilla placeables textures.


# Final Remarks #

This mod performs at best with the vanilla state of the game, particularly with area textures. As all the assets inside this mod are using vanilla textures that was extracted using the KotOR Tool.
Critiques, comments, suggestions, questions and any feedbacks for the next update are very much appreciated- just PM me or write a public message on my feed. And thank you! for downloading, and playing this mod.


Hope you enjoy the mod as much as I do!


Installation: I suggest you to manually removes any TGA/DDS files inside the 'Override' folder that are using the same name with the files that comes with the mod first. Because if they're on TGA/DDS, the installer can not patch them. But if they were on TPC or you are running a clean install playthrough, you could just run the installer straight-forwardly [TSLPatcher.exe]- as any files with the same name will be backed-up automatically.

Uninstallation: Remove the installed files from the 'Override" folder or replaces them with the files stored in the 'Backup' folder [if generated].

Compatibility: Will not be compatible with any mods that using the same name for the assets. This mod perform at best with the vanilla state of the game, particularly with the area textures. As all the assets inside the mod are using vanilla textures that was extracted using the KotOR Tool.

Redistribution: You can redistribute this mod or re-release it on any website; you don't have to ask for permission, but I do appreciate all the good intention. Also, if you are planning to use the assets from this mod to a mod you will be developing, don't forget to give credits to BioWare & LucasArts, as inside this mod are their base assets. Anyway, a credit to me is always a welcome, welcome. :cheers:


  • DarthParametric for the past-present knowledge which allows me to create any customs for the game.
  • Fred Tetra for the 'amazing' KotOR Tool.
  • bead-v and ndix UR for the MDLedit.
  • ndix UR again, for the tga2tpc.
  • stoffe and Fair Strides for the TSLPatcher setup.
  • All streamers on DeadlyStream which indirectly involved on this project that I couldn't possibly mentioned one by one.
  • All modders either active or inactive.
  • DeadlyStream for a place to hangout and to discuss.



  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • K1R Compatible


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On 9/1/2018 at 9:39 PM, DarthParametric said:

Some of those are level geometry, not placeables....

Thanks for the heads up, DP! I actually take notice about it, but as the way I see them as placeables back then, I am including them with this release. It seems I'm going to separate both level geometry and placeables in the next one, as in the end I found myself editing quite much level geometry, and I believe they would be better served as a stand-alone mod.

Again, many thanks for the feedback. :cheers:

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