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MOD:[K1] - "The Revelation" Cutscene Custom Remake

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[K1] - "The Revelation" Cutscene Custom Remake

Please note this is a CUSTOM FAN INTERPRETATION of the Revelation cutscene, it is not 100% faithful to the original BIK and features the use of visual mods.


File Name: "DV's The Revelation Cutscene Remake V.1"
Author: Darth Varkor
Works for: Knights of the Old Republic I

K1 Restoration Compatibility: Yes. 


Description: For a while, I have been thinking about re-creating various BIK cutscenes within the games, not just
for my own personal machinima-related use, but to upload for public use as a mod. Now, as I am fairly limited to
what I can do (in-game scripting and some basic animation in After Effects) I lack the skills in software such
as 3DSMax to fully recreate some cutscenes such as the various ones of the Ebon Hawk taking off and landing on
the various worlds.

Anyway, I decided to first have a stab at the infamous 'Revelation' cutscene, providing my take on the scene,
capturing all footage in-game. The cutscene plays out fairly similiarly to how the original does, but, with
some of my own alterations/additions. Any constructive feedback is welcome.

Installation: Simply drag the BIK file provided and drop it in the "Movies" folder located within your
SWKotOR directory. You should probably make a back-up of the original movie in-case the mod fails to work for
whatever reason, or in case you simply prefer the original cutscene.

Uninstallation: Remove the BIK file and replace it with the original.



Video demonstration of the mod.


Mods used in this cutscene:

XediiXarwarz - Dantooine 2012 Reskin
XediiXarwarz - Taris 2012 Reskin
Oldflashi - K1 Movie Style Hilts
JC's Lightbaber Visual Effects
Sithspecter & jonathan7 - Darth Revan's Robes Revisioned
CarthOnasty - Star Map Revamp V.1
Kexikus - High Quality Stars and Nebulas 
starforge1 - Darth Malak Reskin Pack

*I do NOT give permission for this mod to be re-uploaded without my consent.*

Contact Info: DeadlyStream.

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1 hour ago, DarthVarkor said:

- For some reason, the BIK version of the cutscene removes the subtitles, probably due to cropping.

I thought you fixed that with the new file conversion settings?

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10 hours ago, Sith Holocron said:

I thought you fixed that with the new file conversion settings?

It is, yeah. I dunno how this thread appeared seeing as I already made one. Probably because my mod just got approved by a moderator. Removing that note now.

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1 hour ago, Sith Holocron said:

Something else I forgot to mention before.  Where are the bodies of the rest of the Jedi Strike Team on the bridge?

Well there weren't any in the original BIK (as far as I could see), but the wide shot of just the two of them is a bit...jarring, I'll see what I can do for the vanilla one.

Speaking of the vanilla one, I now feel confident in using the Animated Camera Data Creator thanks to @bead-v, so expect to see that appearing sometime this coming week.

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I mentioned this in a PM to @DarthVarkor but I thought I should mention this here so folks know I have an idea of what I'm talking about, I guess.


My suggestion is to grab footage for both the Revelation scene (31a.BIK) and the other scenes on the bridge with Revan and Bastila, including: where those two fight (01f.BIK) and where you see the Jedi Strike Team (02.BIK)  The Jedi Strike Team only get knocked down at the same time as Revan does so they should be alive until that point.  

Of course, they may also only be stunned just like Revan was.

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