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SKIN:Party Model fixes and HD Bastila

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Party Model fixes and HD Bastila

The main purpose of this mod is to fix many of the party models that have uvw errors. Some of these errors may be too small to see in-game, but most become glaring when using some of the HD texture mods here on this site. The only HD texture that I have included here, is for Bastila Shan's head model (P_BastilaH04) which is now 2048x2048 pixels. I have tried to remain true to her original look.

The models that I have fixed, and are included, are:

  1. default clothes models for 
    1. Bastila Shan
    2. Canderous Ordo
    3. Carth Onasi
    4. Jolee Bindo
    5. Juhani
    6. Mission Vao
    7. HK-47's whole body model
  2. head models for Bastila and Carth
  3. HD head texture for Bastila
  4. head texture for Jolee (to fix the mustache)
  5. two additional clothes textures for Carth

Each of these character's files can be used separately, so that the user has the option of mixing and matching with other mods.

Many of the screenshots are animated with before/after scenes that flip every 7 seconds. There are included text files with much more detail as to what has been fixed in each. There are also a few files included that other modders can use for helping their own texture mods (some uvw maps and a few Photoshop psd files with multiple layers already separated).

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11 minutes ago, DarthParametric said:

Nice work. I bet you have been waiting years to get that job finally done.

Thanks. Yeah, it was really frustrating to be so close when Windows 10 decided to make the old tools stop working. I'm really glad that the modding community here is still so alive. The new tools are working great, and I should be able to actually get something done 😄. Hopefully you won't have to wait years again for the next one 😉.

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My expectations were high but I never expected this. Thanks for finally releasing it.


For people who want Carth's clothing as his default clothing just rename "P_CarthBB02.tga" or "P_CarthBB03.tga" to "P_CarthBB01.tga" and place it into the override. That will change his default clothes to the skin you selected.

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