[WIP] High quality skyboxes

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You can always just put some basic examples in the release thread and link to an external site like where people can do more in-depth comparisons. Or maybe even just whip up your own site if you are so inclined. Simple image sliders are pretty straightforward. I believe Github Pages (i.e. allows Javascript and CSS, so you could do it via a repo without needing a hosting solution.

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Thanks for all the comments everyone.

I think I will go with style 1 so that the screenshot page does not become a chaotic blinking mess. However, I will also provide a link to some sort of comparison that allows a manual switch between the two shots. And there will of course also be normal screenshots without any comparison that show the new skyboxes in full.

Apart from that I've been making good progress. The main Telos render is now finally done and I'm also making progress verifying that everything is working as intended.


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19 hours ago, CratosGoblin said:

It looks very nice. Do you think it will be possible to complete all that is planned before the end of the year?

Certainly sounds like it, very excited 😁

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