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  1. i'm sorry. i missed the 1.1 version release. didn't know it was after xmas. Maybe next time i'll try it. thanks, anyway.
  2. quick question. is this compatible with the TSLRCM 1.8.3B / M4-78 1.1B versions or i should skip it, i mean not download it?
  3. hmm. she should be to the left. but you say got a bug? that's weird... it worked fine for me. ummm... did you try reinstalling?
  4. In the Cantina, with the Rodian player and his women. That's where she is
  5. OMG. that was quick. Thanks! But, uh, when i have the time after school. Maybe this friday i'll test it,
  6. Excellent. I can feel this moment approaching. Looking foward to it.
  7. point taken. good thing i'm in a school of art. studying mutimedia design.
  8. My guess, is, that it Might be released on Christmas this year, or the next. Either way, i'll pay attention as i visit this place. I say "might" cause, sometimes you think it will arrive ahead of schedule... you know, a surprise...