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  1. Graphics card finally installed!  Looks like I can get back to gaming tomorrow night.  (I'll be working tonight so that's the only reason for a delay.)

    1. Mephiles550


      Sweet, what GPU did you get?

    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      See here for updated details.  (Note that I haven't added the SSD to that list yet but it is installed.)

    3. Mephiles550


      Oh a 580 is a pretty sweet card, albeit loud. Good thing you got all that extra stuff to help tone down the volume. I'm debating whether to get a GTX 1050 ti or a 1060 3GB based on my budget.

      I may be a little paranoid when it comes to AMD cards, but they tend to be very power demanding. A year from now, I recommend you buy a power supply that's 600+ watts as a backup. You probably don't need it, but better safe than sorry.

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