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  1. I apologize to anyone who has dealt with confusion or issues with the models for my recently-released 'Movie Mandalorians' mod that ported Deadman's Mandalorians to K1. I hadn't tested it enough and the model been imported incorrectly into Kotor Blender where I worked on it, which resulted in clipping issues between the arms and shoulder-plates. I didn't realize this until afterward and had to manually tweak and adjust the model in blender a few times before I could fix that in a way that gave satisfactory results. The issue seems to have been fixed, but please let me know if anyone who has downloaded it has run into any additional problems.

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    2. EAF97


      @DarthParametric I wasn't aware of this but I will definitely look into it. Having tested the mod numerous times there don't seem to be any performance issues that I'm aware of but it's worth examining

    3. DarthParametric


      I don't think it has any adverse effects, but doesn't hurt to correct it.

    4. EAF97