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  1. Currently experimenting with creating custom VOs for characters by using text-to-speech engines that allow voice inflections and tones to be added to make the VO sound more natural. May possibly use it to add in English/Basic-speaking VOs for some of the aliens or custom lines for other characters that I'm porting in for my mod. Will most likely test and release some samples in the next week.

    1. LoneWanderer


      What software are you using? I hope that if your research is fruitful, you'll write few notes about the process.

      Previously, I read that best results were achieved by Tacotron 2's pre-trained model in combination with FastPitch.

    2. EAF97


      I'm currently still deciding on which is best, but in any case it'll cost money for the software, at least for things which are more usable. I initially tested it on Play.ht but the demo is limited to how many words I can use or test before they charge me. I'm currently planning on installing Micmonster which costs about $37 and has similar features. Once these voice/speech files are downloaded, you'd need lip files to accompany them which would involve creating phn files and using LipSynchEditor to convert them (make sure you name them the same names as the VO files they're accompanying). Then put the lip files in Override, the VO files in "Streamwaves" for K1 and 'StreamVoice" for K2.