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  1. Finished porting in Terena Adare (the Dantooine administrator from Kotor II) to the Jedi enclave in Kotor I. Players will be able to briefly chat with her about the kath hound problem and the player's mission to the grove to stop Juhani as well as the general state of the settlement.

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    2. EAF97


      @ebmar The 'Yoda Theme' from the original trilogy which I'm using for the Dantooine Academy and areas around it. It's just the part in this video from 2:02 onwards

      (1) Star Wars - Yoda Suite (Theme) - YouTube

    3. ebmar


      Thanks for the info! Oh, I see -- not too familiar with OT's piece particularly that one. I thought it was from another franchise, granted that tune at 0:32 should've gave it away, hahah. Nice one for Dantooine as well!

    4. EAF97


      @ebmar thanks! It's used in the background for parts of the Jedi storylines in SWTOR so it seemed like a good choice. For the rest of Dantooine (i.e. the Grove, estates) I'll be using this theme: