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  1. Turns out it was/is an issue with Steam itself. I checked the subreddit for Steam and some others can't access any workshop at all.
  2. Anyone know why that is? I just checked and the entire workshop looks to have been removed.
  3. Just wanted to chime in here. I left Ausanan a PM letting them know it's me. In the original mod I had given Effix credit for importing the models, but neglected to do it this time. I will update the Steam description, but just letting everyone know that "Blimp Ninja" is me lol.
  4. Thanks again man. This is awesome! I will let you guys know how things go. I did everything I was wanting done today, thanks a lot everybody!!
  5. Oh, I thought the two games were extremely similar in modding so I thought it'd work. Drat lol. I'll figure it out eventually if I want it bad enough. Thanks guys.
  6. It's a lightsaber mod that I changed the colors of. I switched the blue or red double bladed lightsaber to show both red and blue colors. I also buffed the lightsaber to have a lot more damage in the uti file. I straight up just tried throwing it all in my K2 override folder, and I could see the thumbnail and the name of the mod, but once I clicked on it, the game crashed. It showed up perfectly until I clicked on the item.
  7. I'm attempting to bring my two colored double saber into KotOR 2, but I'm thinking something in my uti file made it crash on me. It's been a few months since I tried modding K1, but have never tried making a K2 mod before so I'm not sure what I'd need to change or remove. I have no modding tools on my PC at the moment since I cleaned my PC some time ago, so I'm unaware which ones I'd need, especially for TSL. Any assistance or advice would be appreciated greatly.
  8. I haven't seen a black lightsaber done so good before, I love your work man. Definitely am going to download it myself for my next K2 playthrough. Thank you for making this, it looks sick!
  9. Oh, good eye! I believe in the first 2 or 3 images it seems like I was using someone elses mod. Whoops! The hilt should be just the vanilla hilt once it's installed. I didn't modify anything to do with that hilt lol.
  10. I appreciate the kind words, thanks for checking the mod out and hopefully you like it! If it seems too overpowered feel free to remove or change the stats I added to the lightsaber.
  11. I've temporarily stopped playing KotOR because I got sucked into yet another game franchise, but I'll come back around to it one day. It'll probably be 40 years from now, I'll be old and moldy, and I'll think to myself... Where did all these mods in my game come from? Why am I a Jedi from the get-go? Why do all the blasters and lightsabers look so cool? And why on earth is Mission black and red?! I thought she was blue! Nah, haha. But seriously, once I get do get bored of spending half a day downloading mods, only to restart my campaign over and over in Xcom 2 WOTC, I'll be back annoying the folks of the nearest Star Wars community within reach. I'm definitely on a "Must download every cool mod" kick lately, mods are great, but if you could view my entire Steam comment history from the past 2 weeks, you'd know just how much undying respect I have for modders. Because I lack the motivation to learn how to make ambitious mods, I can't express just how bleeping awesome the modding community is in general. Taking the time out of their day to work on something, not just for themselves, but to share with others, and not only do these great people do it free of charge, they will take even MORE time out of their days to help players troubleshoot any issues. Modders rock. Ok, end of my tangent. I had maybe too much coffee and not enough sleep haha. I mean it though.
  12. Just downloaded the compiled scripts from your link, thank you. All of that clicking from my mouse because of that minigame was probably annoying my brother lol.
  13. I just got done reading your whole post from within my email, and man was that a good read. I really don't mind when people ramble, I could very well do the same lol. Also yeah, my goal for the past week and a half has been to finish up KotOR 1 and 2 so I could eventually go and start SWTOR. I had played the MMO briefly before, but I hadn't got that far into it at all. I wish The Old Republic was a singleplayer experience, but that's just wishful thinking on my part. Thank goodness there is another Star Wars game coming out very soon, that IS singleplayer though. I hope it turns out to be not just good, but great. And lmao at "Story time with Uncle Canderous", that was pretty funny. Edit: BTW, the reason it's been taking me so long to finish up K1 and K2 is because I've been sucked into the Civilization series ATM. I love me some strategy games.
  14. It's all good if they do, it wouldn't be the end of the world for me by any stretch of the imagination. And I've finished K1, but not K2 yet. I wish I knew all of the hours I clocked in on KotOR 1 so I could compare, but I owned it first before I had it on Steam. My Steam hours of K1 are not as high lol. Anyways, thanks for the advice if you will. I'll probably load up KotOR 2 sometime soon. Edit: Removed the small quote thingies on the word advice in case it came off the wrong way lol. Didn't sound right at the time of typing, hence the ' marks.
  15. I've owned KotOR: TSL (K2) since January 2015, played it for 20 hours... but I have never, not once, finished the game. Ever. I've somehow managed to not let myself be 1000% spoiled on the story. When it comes to the both of the KotOR games I've just only ever finished the first one, and I've must've done that 15 times by now over the years. I want to play K2 and finish it, from beginning to end instead of replaying a 4 year old save file on Steam, but I always tell myself to start from the earliest game in the series if I've got the game. A bad habit, I know. I just need to finish K1 for the refresher of anything I may have missed so I can get to K2 in order to see what that is all about. What do you guys think? Am I a heretic? Or a window licker? Let me know in the posts below lol.