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  1. I have permission now from both previous authors to make my darkside/lightside Bastila mod for Kotor I. I have a version for Kotor 2 as well. I already have it mostly done but it needs packaged up, polished, and released. I made it a while back. I use both mods in my game. 2 different mods really with several variations but they all go together. It's been a minute since I have touched it but I need help with one thing which involves adding a new line to to the 2da and the way I did it before works but causes some problems with other mods because i have it in spot 0 where nothing should be so I need some help with that. I forgot some of the terms, but will relearn them. I can post a picture of what I'm talking about if anyone decides to try to help. Thanks for reading!


    Edit: I added a picture. row 0 is my problem. That row adds a second head for bastila if she is darkside so she can have sith eye while darkside and blue eyes while lightside. I need to move that row to be somewhere other than 0 because it causes her head to show up in some strange places where it shouldn't. Then I need to change 0 back how it should be. idk how appearance 2da rows work very well.


    posted pictures of bug. head being in slot 0 causes these 2 mods which are 4 force powers and the sith ghost mod to have the floating head. without these mods there seems to be no problem but still i want to move it someone where it would work better.




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    2. Cytaris


      Well I broke my whole game so I have to reinstall the whole thing and this time I intend to get it working right. Thanks for your assistance! I am starting from scratch with my head.2da so can you please help me make a version that will give bastila a 2nd head. It was an old mod that did that to my 2DA lines originally. I'll find it. I just checked this page. So I am about to start building a new version of kotor and plan to release my mod so if you could help me ill give you credit for the @DA part and whatever else. I'll prob message you soon.

    3. Cytaris
    4. JCarter426


      It looks like editing line 0 is your problem. That's not Bastila's normal head so I don't know what effect editing it would have.

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