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  1. Liserg

    MOD:Effixian's Disguises

    Mod Jedi Malak PC Head and Fixed Animations fixes the animation of the Jedi Malak model, which uses standard animation, rather than unique animation, like Darth Malak and Darth Nihilus models. And today, the Darth Malak model is not fully animated, as this is a very difficult task.
  2. Liserg

    Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast mods

    Dear forum users, if you have interesting bind commands and scripting movements for Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy could you share them
  3. Liserg

    Light Side Ending Masters

    It is true otherwise it is difficult to explain. It’s funny if the Jedi Order supported Vrook’s views, how they would stop Darth Malak.
  4. Liserg

    MOD Questions

    Dear forum users, if you have interesting bind commands and scripting movements for Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy could you share them
  5. Liserg

    Light Side Ending Masters

    An excellent mod and a good idea, although knowing the character of Vrook, he would hardly have come to honoring Revan and his team
  6. Liserg

    Universe Merging

    Each of the Universes listed by you, has its own unique style and it is by no means a fact, that when you unite the universes, something new and interesting will be born. It's not in the Universe, in my opinion, the SW is more than self-sufficient, but that Disney does not have an interesting idea, as George Lucas had it, to captivate the viewer.
  7. Of the proposed games, the greatest sympathy was caused by the game Jedi Outcast which combines an interesting storyline and dynamic gameplay.
  8. Liserg

    Any PC Playable Darth Sion mods?

    In my opinion, the most interesting mod with Darth Sion is: - Sion Unleashed v1.00 - Sion's Force Power Heal - TFU-style Darth Sion model - Darth Sion and Male Exile Mod
  9. Liserg

    Nihilus Force Power

    Dear forum users, if you have free time and desire, could you make a mod on the Force Power, which Dart Nihilus uses against Darth Sion?
  10. Liserg

    Dark Robes for Atris

    Interesting mod sure will test it when the new passing game
  11. Liserg

    Anakin Skywalker Mod Port

    Thanks for the great mod Hello respected DeadMan, if you are not busy, could you advise me on the port of models from Kotor 1 to TSL?
  12. Liserg

    Darth Nihilus in KotoR

    Another mod with Nihilus for Kotor 1, can someone modify it
  13. Liserg

    Darth Nihilus in KotoR

    If you used as a game character Darth Malak, then you know that he does not have any animation, except combat. This mod is a similar problem, it's unfortunate that no one can make the Nihilus model fully animated for Kotor 1. I'm sure that many who love this game would say to him many thanks.
  14. Liserg

    Darth Nihilus in KotoR

    Clearly, probably because of the nostalgia, I wanted to re-sell KotOR1 Restoration as one of the charismatic Sith Lord, but apparently not destiny.
  15. Liserg

    Darth Nihilus in KotoR

    I just started learning English, apparently I need to practice more I meant that unlike the usual NPC model, which has all the necessary animations, Nihilus does not have them, but there are only combat ones, similar to the model of Darth Malak.