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  1. True, Perhaps somewhere in the Valley of the Dark Lords and Citadel Station would work.

    Perhaps you could place one of the holocrons in one of the Sith Lord tombs like in K1? Actually, I don't know if that would work, as I don't think those tomb modules from K1 exist in K2. Could a custom module be built from scratch?


    I do like the Chodo Habat light side holocron idea, but you'd have to somehow find a way to have Disciple and/or Habat point you in the right direction in order to come back to Citadel Station. Perhaps you could have Habat contact you via hologram on the Ebon Hawk, as the alien VO can cover up the lack of English-spoken VO that wouldn't be there.

  2. In short: You'd need to be a specific level to use the Holocron so I'd say Dantooine Holocron is level 15, Onderon Holocron is 20 and the Korriban Holocron is 25. You need either Kreia or Disciple in your party as they are the only two in your party who knows the 2 Jedi meditation to activate it, Disciple would have to be trained as a Jedi if you do it with him and the Exile and Kreia/Disciple would have to have high will/wisdom in order to embrace the Holocron's teaching. This would make sure you'd obtain the powers late in the game and not early though I bet this idea probably raises more problems.


    I like the idea you have, but what if someone forgets to take Disciple into the royal palace during the civil war quest or into the Sith Academy on Korriban? Then won't the player miss the holocron opportunity? Disciple is one the more unpopular players after all.


    And perhaps instead of the last two holocrons on Korriban and Onderon teaching the endgame force powers, perhaps there could be stat increases instead? I like the idea of having the Dantooine holocron having the Battle Precognition power, so females can finally get that power after all this time.