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  1. When you kill Nihilus and Visas looks at Nihilus' face, what do you do differently to have Visas say he looks like "a man, nothing more" instead of "a graveyard world"? Is it random?

    1. TK-664


      Huh? I didn't know about that, I always got the first line.

    2. LDR


      There's two dialogue options:

      1) Tell me what you saw. (I saw a graveyard world...)

      2) What did you see when you looked at him? (A man, nothing more.)

      If I'm interpreting this correctly, there's Visas seeing/looking with her eyes, and then there's Visas "seeing" with the Force. I took a look through Kotor Tool (ERFs > Modules > 852NIH_dlg.erf > 852end.dlg), and emphasis is placed on the wording the player uses. Feel free to look at it yourself and give it your own interpretation.