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  1. Thank you! I will go through after I am done with KOTOR 2. Maybe it will take some time, but I will do it 😃 Thank you too! You gave the information that will help me 😃 Feels like not long ago I played KOTOR 2 last time and downloaded mods for it from here, but damn... it was years ago! Good to see that you are still here ❤️
  2. Hello guys! I am apologize for my english and for this question maybe someone already asked it before. Anyway after years I decided to play KOTOR series again. For KOTOR 1 I dowloaded 65 mods (Inqluding restoration project) and the game ran perfectly with about 62 mods. Now after I finished with KOTOR 1 I want to start KOTOR 2 but it was long time ago I played this game and the problem is I dont know which mods I can use together. Can somebody write or give me the screen of folder for mods (maybe there some person like me who have special folder for good mods for good game). 😃 By the way since I started this topic I have second question. What do you think after KOTOR 1-2 can I start SW TOR for the story? Is it worth a try? I just want to get full story of old republic 😃
  3. You talk about X[censored]ON? She stated on russian kotor forum (years ago) that once you finish restoration, she will make new patch =)))))))))))))
  4. morninboner


    thank you guys especially to milestails and Sith Holocron, you are amazing dudes and thank you againg for wasting your time on helping me =))))
  5. morninboner


    well actually i tried to find any links using google search by image, but as i said not a single link was working... anyway i am sorry for posting stupid messages on this forum, because i thought this forum home of star wars gaming and might have more fans who could actually have zaalbar skins -.-
  6. morninboner


    i found it on inernet after i typed "zaalbar reskin". there were few pics and links but not a single download link was working, so i asked maybe someone has it =\
  7. morninboner


    Hey guys does anyone have good zaalbar reskin? Or maybe someone has links for these skins, cant find any links on internet *cry*
  8. yo guys i didnt get it. did you already fix bolook quest (jedi on dantooine) or its still in progress? cant find it anywahere
  9. morninboner


    Maybe its not good idea for k1 but anyway maybe it would be cool to add some few more jedi's inside and outside accademy on dantooine (just standing and talking). It always seems to me that the accademy looks... empty or something... just 3 or 4 jedis walkin arround.
  10. wow you write it so good, it was interesting to read. First of all sorry for my english I use to go through kotor 1 with LS until Malak tells me that I am Revan... Jedis just used you and would never tell you who you are. Just what would you think on Revans place if Malak didnt tell you who you are? And after you kill Malak Jedi were like "oh well thank you... its time to open your eyes... you once were a great jedi who stoped mandolorians... you also became most dangerous sith lord... and we should thank you for killing Malak... by the way he was your apprentice... ah and thank you for destroying the Star Forge... So what now Revan, we hope you are not angry at us" And also jedi vs sith at the end its just too boring. Just imagine the epicness when two sith lords fighting each other and the winner will have the whole galaxy in his hands, and in the meanwhile Jedis and Republic fighting and dying around because they were tricked.
  11. I just read about HK-47 on wookiepedia... and discovered that he was found on Mustafar during the....... during the clone wars.... and I was like "WTF". So what you guys think about it?
  12. I dont like that idea... Then lets add new dialogue for Peragus. After you find Kreya and asked he how can you still feel the force, she would answer "I feel... medichlorians...."
  13. Dude your grid mod just so freaking awesome 0.0 when I played this game for the first time I couldnt even imagine that someone could do something like this... well even when I downloaded 1.8 patch month ago I never thought that someone could change textures so professionally... you just... boss =)