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    Thanks to Kexikus for providing the sky and clouds themselves. Only had to some minor tweaking. Will soon be released as a small mod for TSL!

    © Quanon&Kexikus

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    From the album: The Playthrough

    An as-close-as-it-could-get reskin attempt of HK-47; based on a splendid artwork called "Hk47 Wip" by uncannyknack. I managed to edit the looks of HK-47's in-game freecam filter too, so it doesn't look all red anymore [to fit them new eyes too] and with the assumption that HK-47 had all the resources to process the almost-perfect true color; close to human eye capability. The vanilla texture I am using on this attempt is the amazing Quanon's "HK-47 Reskin". This reskinned HK-47 texture is currently used for personal playthrough only. HK-47; was a Hunter-Killer assassin droid & Jedi hunter constructed shortly after the end of the Mandalorian Wars in 3969 BBY.
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    Mods featured in the wallpaper are: Beta version of DarthParametric's "[K1] Taris Upper City South Fountains M02ac_02c": multiple's "Old Republic Skin Overhaul: Taris' clear sky". Kexikus's "High Quality Skyboxes: LTS_Bsky01": A Future Pilot's "Sith Soldier Texture Restoration": Fallen Guardian's "Blaster Pistol Enhancement": Sithspecter's "High Quality Blasters":

    © BioWare & LucasArts

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    I was doing something else but somehow ended up making a texture for the 3d Coruscant seen in the galaxy map. And then I decided to learn to make cubemaps so that I can make the lights glow on the night side.... Certainly not what I wanted to do originally but I really like the way it turned out
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    Happy New Year 2020, DeadlyStream! May the Force be with you all.
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    Mods that were featured in the screenshot: deathdisco's "Tomb of Exar Kun" ZimmMaster's "New Dopak Head Mod" NiuHaka's "Dark Harbinger - Self Infliction" Logan23's "Revenge of Revan (Demo) - PMBI87" Fallen Guardian/VarsityPuppet's "VP's Hi Poly Tin Cans" Curtis1973's "Stock Light Saber Retexture Pack" Tools used with the attempt: Fred Tetra's "KotORTool" bead-v's "MDLedit" Chuck Chargin Jr./ndix UR's "MDLOps" Werner Rumpeltesz's "PlainEdit.NET" JCarter426's "JC's Cloaked Jedi Robes & Supermodel Port for K1 - Supermodels" and "Odyssey++" ndix UR's "tga2tpc" stoffe/Fair Strides' "TSLPatcher"
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    Late prototype of Sherruk "Legends".
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    From the album: The Playthrough

    A reskin attempt of Juhani; based on "Artistic Fanart Portraits [K1] 1.1"- a mod which edited, curated & uploaded by Mutilator57. [Do some edits to the portrait too- specifically the color & tone; all for personal playthrough]. The vanilla portrait itself is extracted from "Juhani (kotor)", an amazing airbrushing art by CorbinHunter. For base head texture of this attempt I am using Keeper_DP's "Juhani 'Pretty' Reskin" with miro42's "Juhani Real Cathar Head" .mdl & .mdx. For body texture I am using Marius Fett's "Juhani's Dark Side Clothing" vanilla default clothes. Juhani; was a Cathar female & a Knight in the Jedi Order during the Jedi Civil War.
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    "Held by the Dark Jedi even before he fell to the dark side, this may be one of the few truly personal items owned by Ajunta Pall, and remains as thoroughly corrupted as he." With the screenshot are featured: @IRobert's "[K1] Vibroweapons replacement pack retexture" @VarsityPuppet's "Spectral Ajunta Pall Canonical Appearance"

    © BioWare & LucasArts

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    From the album: VP's Screenshots

    Ajunta Pall Dance party!
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    Doing some tests again; a freshly new little box area with lightmap. First time ever I didn't have to go and mess with the UVs again to get them fixed Fun times!
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    Well, turns out that making planets in Photoshop isn't actually that hard and the results are way better than everything LunarCell can produce. What you can see here is one of the background textures I want to replace. Hope you like it
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    Found a neat little Photoshop plugin to create planet images. Here's a first test of what Onderon could look like instead of the blurry mass it is in vanilla. Looks pretty good for only 10 minutes of work I'd say
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    Just a little photo shopping i have done recently, thought i would share