The Companions: HK-47
Credit Quanon

The Companions: HK-47

An as-close-as-it-could-get reskin attempt of HK-47; based on a splendid artwork called "Hk47 Wip" by uncannyknack.

I managed to edit the looks of HK-47's in-game freecam filter too, so it doesn't look all red anymore [to fit them new eyes too] and with the assumption that HK-47 had all the resources to process the almost-perfect true color; close to human eye capability.

The vanilla texture I am using on this attempt is the amazing Quanon's "HK-47 Reskin".

This reskinned HK-47 texture is currently used for personal playthrough only.


HK-47; was a Hunter-Killer assassin droid & Jedi hunter constructed shortly after the end of the Mandalorian Wars in 3969 BBY.


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The Playthrough

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I admire how you do portraits and also the profile. 

I'd admire to see our portrait for Benkins someday in galleries to show fans what our future will be with the new companion. :) 

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Exactly the portrait I chose to mod in as well! HK looks like his master has given him the best oil bath on the Outer Rim after reliving him  from the fool Ithorian's clutches! Is this reskin up for grabs as well? I only use TOR model swap after the Leviathan. As if Revan went on an upgrade spree.


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