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    Version 1.0.0


    A Mod for Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic Author: N-DReW25 1.0.0 Release Date: 22.03.2024 Pre-Installation: Please install the K1 Community Patch FIRST before this mod! If you plan on using any of JCarter426's Cloaked Jedi Robe mods, please ensure that his mods are installed before Build a Calo. This mod is divided into two versions, the "Normal Versions" which uses the vanilla Calo Nord model and the "JC's Cloaked Robe Compatible version" which uses JC's Calo Nord hotfix model. If you plan on using the Cloaked Robes, install that mod before Build a Calo and use the "JC's Cloaked Robe Compatible version" of this mod, if you don't plan on using those mods then please use the "normal version" instead. Installation: Simply click on the INSTALL.exe and you'll be given two install options. "Calo Nord Head & Body" will allow you to modify Calo Nord's head & body post-Taris. "Calo Nord Body Only" will only allow you to modify Calo Nord's body post-Taris. This means the head texture you use on Taris will also appear post-Taris. Calo Nord's post-Taris appearance will now use the skin "N_CaloNord02.tga" in the Override and "N_CaloNordH02.tga" if you used "Calo Nord Head & Body". Once you've selected your desired option, click install then sit back and watch the TSLPatcher do its magic. If you do nothing after installing this mod, Calo Nord will use SpaceAlex's brown outfit post-Taris from the K1EP. You can install the "N_CaloNord02.tga" texture from the Optional Black Outfit folder to make Calo Nord's post-Taris outfit use Watcher07's black outfit (the same one recommended on the Kotor Mod Build website). You can download other Calo Nord textures & rename them to make them work with Build a Calo. For example, if you download "Quanon's Calo Nord Skin" you can install the "GameLook" option first and this will replace Calo's appearance on Taris. If you open "QSLook" and rename the following files, placing these renamed files in the Override will instead replace Calo's appearance post-Taris: N_CaloNord01.tga -------> N_CaloNord02.tga N_CaloNord01.txi -------> N_CaloNord02.txi N_CaloNordH01.tga -------> N_CaloNordH02.tga N_CaloNordH01.txi -------> N_CaloNordH02.txi This feature is intended to be customizable, instead of using Quanon's "GameLook" for Taris and "QSLook" post-Taris you can have it be reversed, or you could have Emperor Turnip's HD Calo Nord textures. Just remember to have the Taris skins set to 01 with the post-Taris skins set to 02 as shown above. And remember, N_CaloNordH02.tga will ONLY work with the "Calo Nord Head & Body" installation option. Description: Calo Nord is a bounty hunter in Kotor who is iconic for his colorful attire. Throughout the years, mods have sprung up which alter Calo Nord's appearance by changing the overall color scheme of his outfit or by changing his entire style, in the early to late 2000s these modded skins used the default 512x512 resolution whilst newer mods made in the late 2010s & beyond use higher texture resolutions to add more detail to the skins. 2024 is the year which saw the release of N-DReW25's take on the character with his "Build a Calo" mod. Breaking with the tradition of crafting a new skin to add to the collection of other Calo Nord skins which have come & gone, I've instead chosen to craft an elaborate little mod which uses other people's Calo Nord reskins in a way never before seen. The way "Build a Calo" works is that Calo Nord will appear on Taris with one set appearance, whilst after Taris he's wearing a different outfit. If you install this mod & boot up the game, Calo will wear his blue outfit on Taris whilst after Taris he'll wear a new brown outfit from the defunct K1 Enhancement Pack. If you choose to install the "Optional Black Outfit" AFTER installing Build a Calo, you'll have Calo use Watcher07's reskin (the same one from Snigaroo's Kotor Mod Build) after Taris. Now, if you look at the screenshots on the Build a Calo mod page, you'll see that it's possible to install "Quanon's Calo Nord Skin" found on Deadlystream with the "Gamelook" version appearing on Taris whilst the "QsLook" version appearing after Taris. Before Build a Calo, you'd have to pick either "Gamelook" or "QsLook"... it was one or the other, but with Build a Calo you can now have both. With this mod, you "Build" Calo Nord to your liking. Do you want to use both of Quanon's Calo Nord skins at once? Would you rather swap Quanon's Calo Nord skins so "QsLook" appears on Taris whilst "Gamelook" appears after Taris? Do you want to use Watcher07's black reskin on Taris whilst Calo uses the brown K1EP reskin after Taris? Will you install the "Calo Nord Head & Body" version of Build a Calo and use Quanon's skins to change both Calo's outfit & head? Or will you customise Calo Nord even further? Would you rather install "Calo Nord Body Only" version of Build a Calo & use Quanon's "Gamelook" version of Calo Nord's head on both Taris & after whilst his body uses Emperor Turnip's HD Calo Nord outfit texture on Taris and Quanon's "QsLook" texture after Taris? Or will new mods be published after Build a Calo? Maybe some new HD texutres for Calo Nord in the future may also be used alongside Build a Calo, maybe someone could make a "battle damaged" version of Calo Nord which can be used with this mod for his appearance after Taris. The possibilities are endless! Known Bugs: If there are bugs feel free to report them to me on Deadlystream. Incompatibilities: Incompatible with any mods that change Calo Nord's model & character files post-Taris. Please report any incompatibilities! Permissions: Do NOT claim credit for this mod and do not use assets from this mod without my permission. You are more then welcome to talor your Calo Nord reskins to be used alongside Build a Calo if you wish. Thanks to: SpaceAlex: For releasing his K1 Enhancement Project as a modder's resource & for making the Calo Nord reskin included in said mod! Watcher07: For making the Calo Nord Recolor mod! Quanon: Whilst I did not use your skin in my mod, your Calo Nord reskins inspired me to make this mod in the first place! JCarter426: For creating the Cloaked Robes mod & the hotfix for Calo Nord to make his character model work with the new supermodels of that mod. His hotfix for Calo Nord was included in Build a Calo for the sake of compatibility between our mods! Bioware: For such an amazing game! Fred Tetra: For Kotor Tool! Stoffee: For TSLPatcher! Everyone who downloads the mod! Legal: THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE-MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Version 1.1.0


    Full Description: The mysterious arrival of the Republic hammerhead warship is one of the most ambitious and engaging cutscenes in TSL. Unfortunately, ambitious cutscenes can be a harbinger for more than just a man with severe psoriasis -- players may experience issues ranging from cutscenes stuttering and looping, loading screens before and after loading a new module mid-cutscene, breaking animations, to game windows minimizing and skipping the cutscene entirely, permanent black screen, and even game crashes. Thus this mod's mission was twofold: 1) Provide a range of general improvements and fixes that everyone will benefit from regardless of cutscene performance, as well as 2) Create a more stable version of the cutscene that generally performs well on any device. I am happy to report that results have been exciting: 1) General improvements - Atton now always faces the correct direction when speaking to you - Kreia actually shows up meditating in the morgue when you hear her speak, rather than standing right behind Atton - Kreia no longer visibly stands behind Atton in certain earlier shots of him speaking - The Peragus mining facility asteroid is no longer right outside the Harbinger window before it actually enters the asteroid field 2) Performance improvements All in-game portions of the cutscene are now rendered in the same module -- your game will no longer be trying to load an entirely new module twice over, all while trying to play pre-rendered cutscenes. This means that your game's mid-cutscene workload has been drastically reduced, and so issues known to occur specifically with the Harbinger Arrival cutscene are much less frequent. I have also scripted in "guardrails" for many minor glitches that can occur mid-cutscene. Note that this is not a 100% guarantee players who were having issues before never will again; TSL is nearly old enough to be legally considered an adult in the US, and its pre-rendered scenes are just not optimized for many modern machines. However, this mod was tested on a non-gaming laptop now a few years old, with the game running from an external hard disk drive, on a modern operating system, in full-screen mode, with several different visual mods installed. This meant that attempting to run the original Harbinger cutscene 10 times translated to the cutscene failing to play without major issue 10 times. After switching to the new version, any types of issues, major or minor, were encountered less than 1 out of 10 times. Hopefully, even a potato from your local grocery store can now successfully play the Harbinger Arrival cutscene, so long as it can generally play most TSL cutscenes successfully. Harbinger Enhancement_compressed.mp4 For reference when it comes to performance, this footage was recorded on an old laptop, with the game running on a modern operating system from a hard disk drive, with multiple other programs running in the background, and the following mods installed that can be seen in the video: - Ultimate Peragus Models Repair 1.2 (responsible for restoring proper lighting to the Harbinger, showing the administration level proper behind Atton, and other model fixes) - Harbinger Bridge Repairs (responsible for fixing several geometry errors, two visible during cutscene) - KotOR 2 Remastered (AI Upscaled) Cutscenes 1.0.0 by Naelavok (responsible for the upscaled pre-rendered scenes) - TSL Backdrop Improvements by Kexikus (responsible for the much-improved skybox seen from both the catwalk and the Harbinger bridge) - Improved Peragus Asteroid Fields 1.2 by Vasilii Zaytsev (responsible for the static 3d asteroids surrounding Peragus II) - Peragus Large Monitor Adjustment by Sith Holocron (responsible for that excellent HD computer monitor before Atton) - Kotor 2 Unlimited Worlds Texture Mod (responsible for the nicer-looking textures throughout the level, from the catwalk to the asteroids) - Ultimate Character Overhaul REDUX (responsible for the HD character textures) TLDR: This mod 1) stabilizes the Harbinger cutscene so that your game is much less likely to experience issues 2) places Kreia in her usual meditation spot in the morgue for her dialogue, and 3) fixes a number of minor issues with the cutscene. Installation: Download and run the installer, or else follow manual installation instructions. For Steam installations of TSLRCM, direct the installer to "Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\208580\485537937", and not the main game folder with the executable. 7z files can be extracted with Archive Utility on macOS, or with programs like PeaZip for windows and Linux. The installer is a .exe file, which can be run natively on Windows, or with programs like Wine for macOS and Linux. For an existing game, use a save file before going to the asteroid exterior. Save files made any later will not be affected. Uninstallation: Take 104per.mod out of the provided backup folder and place it in your modules folder at the location you installed to, and select replace when prompted. Take a_con_atton_end.ncs out of the provided backup folder and place it in your override folder at the location you installed to, and select replace when prompted. You can safely delete 104per.lyt and 104per.vis from your override folder. The files 104pera.mdl/.mdx/.wok come from Ultimate Peragus Models Repair, you can keep or delete these at your discretion. Additional Tips For Improving Game Performance: If you are having trouble running pre-rendered scenes in general, you can try the following: -- Go into your graphics settings, and under advanced options, disable frame buffering. If that does not work, try lowering or disabling all options. If the pre-rendered cutscene plays afterwards, you can up your graphics settings afterwards for normal gameplay. -- Try running the game in windowed mode, rather than fullscreen. Close your game and open "swkotor2.ini", found in the same folder as your main game executable (for a Steam game, that's "Steam\steamapps\common\Knights of the Old Republic II"). Under both "Display Options" and "Graphics Options", change "FullScreen=1" to "FullScreen=0". Restart your game. -- Uninstall/disable any non-essential mods that may relate to the cutscene or the area it takes place in. Peragus in particular also suffers from memory overflow if you play the game too long in one sitting. This can cause dialogue to start skipping, or for issues with game cutscenes. This can usually be avoided by: -- Quitting and restarting the game once in a while: doing it once before heading out to the asteroid surface, and again right before attempting to leave the Harbinger engine deck (the third and final level with the spooky lights) is usually enough to avoid problems. -- Avoiding skipping dialogue yourself, which can sometimes lead to memory overflow. If you do skip a lot of dialogue, quitting and restarting the game will fix the issue. Compatibility: Users should expect full compatibility with any other mods, so long as they make no modifications to the scripting or dialogue of the Harbinger's Arrival cutscene. For instance, if you are installing N-DReW's Mini Mod Collection for TSL, be sure not to add the included 104atton.dlg or 104kreia.dlg to your override, or remove it if you already have, as that would create a major incompatibility. This mod is for players using TSLRCM version 1.8.3 or higher. You may view this mod's changes.ini inside the "tslpatchdata" folder for a complete list of every altered module element. Feel free to check out "KotOR 2 Remastered (AI Upscaled) Cutscenes" by Naelavok for higher-resolution cutscenes, if you have not already. There are some other great mods out there that improve the visual quality of the cutscene. "Peragus Large Monitor Adjustment" by Sith Holocron, "KotOR 2 Unlimited World Texture Mod" by facemeltingsolo, "TSL Backdrop Improvements by Kexikus", and "Ultimate Peragus Models Repair" by yours truly are all compatible with this mod. "A Darker Peragus REDUX" by Malkior and "... A Darker Peragus" by Canderis are also compatible. Acknowledgments: Big thanks to Cortisol for the Holocron Toolset and Fred Tetra for KotOR Tool for making file extraction, module editing, and .mod file building easy, Fair Strides for the DLG Editor, JdNoa and Dashus for simple script decompiling with DeNCS, Blue for the KotOR Scripting Tool, Symmetric, Purifier, Ndix UR, and seedhartha for making importing to Blender simple using KotORBlender, and to Stoffe and Fair Strides for easy .mod extraction with ERFEdit, and for making inter-mod compatibility infinitely more feasible with TSLPatcher. Have a bug to report? Please click on "Get Support" and give a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing. This modification is not supported by Obsidian Entertainment, Lucasarts, Disney or any licensers/sponsors thereof. Use of this modification is at your own risk and neither the aforementioned companies nor the author may be held responsible for any damages caused to your computer via this modification's usage.
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    The only ones that really have a hard incompatibility are the player head textures, since TSL changed all those models. All the armour and weapon textures will work fine, albeit some may possibly lack an additional variant number or two. Robe textures won't work, since TSL has three new robe models that replace K1's single model, but I'm not sure if DH even made a robe texture mod.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Created textures for non-game weapons based on two mods (Weapon Model Overhaul Texture Rework and High Quality Blasters for Modders). To Install 1. Download: Non-game weapon 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love.
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    Version 1.0.0


    New textures for Escape Pod. Resolution 2048x2048. To Install 1. Download: LTS_EscapePod HD 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love.