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    Streaming Cathalan for kotor 2
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    streaming Cathalan also yes I'm using the image from @Sith Holocron's Cathalan gif because it's funny
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    Here you go. pfhc02.zip Just drag all the files to your override folder. I ported the model and its textures and portrait images. You should be able to overwrite the textures with whichever texture mod you want directly. If you want to use any portrait mod, especially considering portraits are of lower quality in K1, you'll have to do a small rename to the textures. In K1 portraits are in the format po_pfhc2, po_pfhc2d, po_pfhc2d1, and so on. In K2 the first number gets padded with a zero at the beginning, like so: po_pfhc02, po_pfhc02d, po_pfhc02d1 , po_pfhc02d2, etc. There is a mod out there to port all K1 heads to TSL. Reason I am not linking it here is that I found half the heads in that mod to have their normals messed up causing weird shadows around the mouth area.
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    @Snigaroo Thanks for keeping me in mind, it would definitely help with motivation for the project, if I thought that I'd get on your modlist (as I'm understanding that most people only go as far as your list, to look for mods for Kotor). Regarding Mission being force sensitive, she's a 14 year old kid holding her own with the likes of Revan, Bastilla, Carth, etc. If that isn't an indication of potential force sensitivity, idk what is Also fairly impressive that she taught herself to speak fluent Wookie with Zalbar. considering that Big Z hardly seems like a teacher or someone prone to linguistics (all the while navigating the dangerous lower and under cities better than most hardened adults, as a freaking kid) If I'm not mistaken, these are things that would typically be something you'd see in a force sensitive person. Particularly when there's no specific foundation given to the character, that would justify these things happening "naturally" to the point of how it is in the game. Above are just my own musings, but in my PoV that's always been an indication of it to some extent, even if never explicitly touched upon in the game. With all of that being said, what you described is pretty much what my mod is doing. I haven't actually looked at the Lehon part yet, as I wanted to finish up my triggers on all planets first, but as I mentioned last time, the plan is to allow a DS Mission to join Revan, and create some more content for her post the place where a DS MC would no longer have Mission with them. I could re-write a more elaborate explanation as to what I've done, how far I am, and what's in the process of being worked on/planned, but I think I covered that fairly well last time I wrote to you over in the Mod Development channel in Discord. If you feel like there's something I should keep an eye out for beyond what I've already shared, do @ me either here or on discord and let me know, and I'll most likely be happy to incorporate it into the mod. Ps. Just to be explicit about it, my mod allows you either push her towards becoming more light sided, or more dark sided, and it's reflected in the available dialogue that the PC will be able to get during a playthrough, based on her alignment. Her aligntment is initially chosen by you through dialogue choices when you turn her into a Jedi on Dantoine, and the available dialogue is split around roughly 60% universal dialogue with 40% alignment restricted dialogue, depending on whether you've turned Mission towards the DS or LS (might be closer to a 50/50 split, but roughly there about). PsPs: I also think DarthParemtric raises some good points about Mission's PoV, and if you throw in the destruction of near everything she's ever known as well (Read: Taris), where the only person that truly stood by her was ultimately Big Z and Revan, it's really not that hard to see how she could be pushed to joining a DS Revan, and generally begin viewing the world in a more DS oriented "light".
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    Version 1.0.0


    ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Knights of the Old Republic - The Sith Lords ----------------------------------------------------------------------- TITLE: Effixian's Carebear Hanharr AUTHORS: Effix(ian) CONTACT: PM me on the forums or find me on Steam ------------------------- INSTALLATION ------------------------- Unzip somewhere and copy the files from the subfolder to your override folder. ----------------------- DESCRIPTION ----------------------- This is a simple reskin of Hanharr. Requested by Zaxento The Greedy. Not compatible with other mods that change Hanharr's appearance. As seen on arstechnica.com. --------- BUGS --------- None known. ------------------------- UNINSTALLING ------------------------- Remove the following files from your override folder: N_WookieM07.tga N_WookieM07.txi p_hanharr.mdl p_hanharr.mdx PO_PHanharr.tga ------------------------------------- DISTRIBUTION NOTES ------------------------------------- You can use the files from this mod in your own mod if you simply credit me. --------------- THANKS --------------- Stoffe and Fred Tetra for the needed tools and tutorials ----------------- Donations ----------------- My mods are free. If you would like to show your support then you can buy me a coffee at ko-fi.com/effix --------- THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE, OBSIDIAN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
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    At last, the classic we've all been waiting for arrives on DS. Now TSL is actually worth playing. My only regret is that I am only able to rate it 5 stars.
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    Version 1.0


    Who needs armor when you've got the Dark Side? This mod gives Darth Malak an all new outfit--or, rather, removes most of his outfit. To install: Put the N_DarthMalak01.tga file in your game's override folder. To uninstall: Delete the file from your override folder.
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    Very stylish and detailed portraits, I love them! Thank you for putting them in the mod! But @Sdub… 400 Mb file archive, 2K images size, seriously?! Even character model reskins are rarely more than 1024x1024, because bigger size is hardly noticeable and a waste of system resources. For example, “NPC Portraits for TSL” by Sith Holocron have 512x512 images and weigh only 23.75 Mb. Such nice 2K images would look great on posters or in the collection, but for a mod I have 2 suggestions: 1. Change images size to 512x512. Perhaps, you can make alternative lite version of the mod, available as separate download on this page. 2. Use better compression algorithm. I managed to compress archive to just 45 Mb with 7-Zip. 400 Mb vs 45 Mb. @DylanRPG all of this feedback can be applied to you too 👆