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    Released 3.4.0 with this and a couple of other fixes, but most importantly I have reworked the UI. It now fits Blender 2.8 style alot better. Here are some screenshots:
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    You say that like I'm supposed to know what it is, but I gather from your subsequent comment that the game is running under a 360 emulator. Assuming everything else is working correctly, it's mostly likely a MDLEdit issue with the conversion. Make sure you are using the most recent beta version, not the outdated one from the official release thread.
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    As an update to this, work on the project has shifted to K1 first in coordination with @EAF97and their NPC Overhaul project. The module has successfuly been ported into K1 thanks to Thor110s tutorials. As work carries on and various scripts and quests get created next, the project will enter a workable state that can be released in a beta format before the end of the year (2021). The goal would be a full release but that depends on my schedule. Here's what got messed with today: Using @InSidiousmodding resource for holocron models, the Jedi Academy sublevel on Dantooine now has actual holocrons! Jedi Initiates have been added to the Academy where the player can witness some of their training. @EAF97has worked hard to get Atris and her Handmaiden's ported over and we are thinking of what quests can be associated with them and the holocrons. Our buddies Rickard and Handon from the murder investigation quest are not happy about their arrangements.
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    Wow , didn't know about this... hope there is a fix
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    Exactly what it sounds like. Batch does the operation on a group of selected files. The other option is for a single file.
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    Amazing work so far, can't wait to see how we can work the Handmaiden/Atris sidequest into this 🙂