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    PFHC02A — копия.tga
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    MS could send their lawyer hit squad in for a number of reasons. If they were using Xbox logos or other related MS trademarked/copyrighted stuff, for example.
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    An interesting update and an unexpected one. So . . . once upon a time, there was another project called KOTORR. They claimed they were going to "remaster" KOTOR. Among the things they claimed they were going to add were new planets, multiplayer and co-op. Yes, they actually said this. Like so many of these large scale projects, they never wound up succeeding in these goals or releasing anything of note. The last thing they ever posted was this explanation video on why they missed their own deadline. About a year ago, I decided to post a comment on the video. I remembered this thing from back in the day and was wondering if I could get some sort of comment. Here's my post. I never thought I'd get a response but lo and behold, I got one tonight. So that's what happened to KOTORR. Some of them didn't learn their lesson about IPs and decided to double down. But a cease and desist from Microsoft? If they reply, I could let you all know. Unless it is the general consensus that I should let this one go. PS: The contact information is not at the end of the video.
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    Great work! Your modification is a work of art. I believe your next furor will be a similar modification for the Jedi Knights that Revan encounters in the courtyard of the Jedi Enclave and at the Star Forge (extremely beautiful robes).