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    It's easy enough once you become somewhat familiar with Kotor Tool. You need that to extract the model (.mdl) and model extension (.mdx), as well as the supermodel so that the face animations aren't missing. Then you just need to use MDLedit to port whatever you want. Note however that the editing tool will screw up the smoothing groups. There's some steps involved, so let me know if you want to give it a try.
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    That is good to hear. While HQ Quality Equipment for Bandon aren't on the list right now I assure you that Darth Bandon and his buddies will get a very good HQ NPC Overhaul. You said he didn't spawn in the module, right? Can you tell me what module this was? Because I did a test playthrough on Manaan and he did spawn in.
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    Great idea! Now we'll need a copmatibility patch for DP's TOR-style HK.
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    Hey there. Just found out tonight that a friend of 25 years has passed away. If you wouldn't mind, please hold off on any messages to me for the next couple of days. I'd appreciate it.