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    This modification changes the default Mandalore appearance to that of a canonical Mandalore, complete with tribal facemask and Portrait icon. To install, copy the "Mandalore" folder into the Override folder within the SWKotor2 directory. To uninstall, remove the "Mandalore" folder from Override. Credits: Silveredge9, Quanon, 90SK, VarsityPuppet
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    Hello there, I'm kind of new here with this being my first post but I have had this account for some years now and I also did some modding to this game back in summer 2015. Now I have been messing around with the new tools and I was interested in KotorBlender to create new animations since that's the program I recently learned for modding Jedi Academy as well and I am quite comfortable with it now. So my intention was to create new facial animations but I wasn't sure of the capabilities this plugin offered. I was quite glad when I found out that it has been recently updated and it fully supports animations as well as other models properties. But when I imported a head I was quite surprised to see that the bones in this game are not really bones like Jedi Academy for example but objects that act like such. Thus, I couldn't attach them to the mesh to see how it deformed when trying to create an animation. So I tried creating a temporary bone rig in blender that you could use and attach each bone to each object so that when you move a bone the object also moves. This may seem like it's working on paper but I had so much trouble with transforms that I almost gave up. They are a real pain in the ass. First I tried animating the bones and the objects apparently move with them but in reality they are not changing their transforms. So I tried to copy and paste them from the bones and it seemed to work in the program but in game the face was a total mess. This was because the objects were taking the absolute transforms of the bones that were in a different position that the objects are. What appears to be working in the program has nothing to do with the game and viceversa. So I just parented them and even though the objects would jump to a weird location their transforms would remain untouched as you can see in a test animation I made here: So now how do I transfer the bone movements to the objects? I tried a thing in blender called Delta transforms. This are like offset transforms that only take into consideration the relative location and rotation of an object. This was very useful in a parent/child scenario like this because now I had the original objects location/rotation + the relative transforms of the bones. Unfortunately when I tried it in game it did nothing, probably because the plugin only reads the absolute transforms, the delta transforms are stored in a different field. So I couldn't use this approach. Can the KotorBlender plugin be updated to support delta transforms? It would be really useful and nobody would have to do what I'm about to say for it to work. I needed to somehow transfer those delta transforms to the absolute transforms so that the plugin could read them. There is a function in blender called "all transforms to deltas" that transfers all the absolute transforms to the delta fields and left the absolute ones to zero which is exactly the opposite of what I need. I need to transfer this absolute+relative transforms that I have in the delta fields to the absolute fields. Luckily I found a script that did exactly this but I had to this for every single keyframe which is extremely exhausting and time-consuming. If someone here knows how to code on python can you do a script that does this automatically? It wouldn't be that bad then. So after thousands headaches I finally got it to work in-game: You can also see that the model has those wrongly shaded faces around the jaw. Anybody knows how to fix that? I saw other people having the same issue but I'm not sure how to fix it. I decompiled and compiled the model with MDLOps 1.0.0 since MDLEdit was giving a lot of problems. The point of all these is that you can make a facial animation with a dummy mesh so you can see how it looks without having to load it every single time in game. But I don't know if this is a worth approach with all these problems, if you solve one of those two though then it really is at least for me. I just wanted to share this knowledge to people who may be interested in this or don't know the extension of this plugin. Now I just need to learn animated cameras for the machinima I'm trying to make, does anyone have any tips/tools/tutorials that I could use? Would be really appreciated. Sorry for the long post. And thanks for keeping this community alive!
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    Here's another one: Manaan underwater The biggest change compared to V1 is that there is no longer a ceiling where my texture doesn't work at all. So you can use the free camera all you want and it will look good. I also changed the blending of the lightrays as well as their animation so they work better now. The rotation is now slower than in vanilla, there's less color banding than in V1 and the blue background has a very subtle animation as well. The latter is hard to see on the texture, harder to see ingame and probably impossible to see with Youtube compression. But it's there and makes the background less static. Please let me know what you think. If any changes are necessary I have to make them this week before my After Effects trial license expires. I also rendered some more lightning textures for Telos to test this idea with some more variation. I'm honestly undecided on whether or not I like it, so please let me know what you think.
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    I was looking at the fairsider's kotor 1/2 toolset ........ I was able to go into kotor1 mode... open up one of your kotor 1 modules.....then go in and change the mode to kotor 2...... now you can select a npc or object on the map then open up the edit window which not allows you to change it to use kotor 2 appearances etc. Then simple save or save as. Have not tested with editing it then going into in game but this should by pass the issue where you want to use kotor 1 modules and fill it with kotor 2 assests and edit the files as if they are kotor 2 game files.
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    On a technical side, the k1 modules in the 2 resource files you uploaded would work in k2 mod. Was thinking of using some of the k1 maps you have ine the upload for a possible mod. I saw that you mention to use them to remove certain ojects on the module. I would only be keeping the placeables in them unless i plan to reskin the module to represent a different location/planet. Would this be ok? Side note, are you using the kotor toolset to place and populate the modules in your mod? Thanks and great job with your mod👍👍👍
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    Im a tad confused,... been away for a long time. Are the files of kotor 1 maps for use in kotor 2 game? Was looking at your uploaded files.
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    Updated version of the patch only partially worked for me. 1. While my menus (Inventory, Party, et c.) were fixed, my HUD (Minimap, icons in the top right corner of the screen, et c.) did not change at all. 2. Even for the menus that actually were changed (Inventory, Party, et c., this patch used a clearly incorrect resolution, affected menus aren't stretched on the X axis now, they became somewhat stretched on the Y axis (albeit not as drastically). I didn't have 'equip_p.gui' anywhere in my game directory, I use Steam legacypc version of the game, my game resolution is 1366x768. Thankfully, I still had the previous version of the patch on my PC that I happened to download one day ago. Others may not be so lucky. Apologies for rating only 3 stars. It's a useful mod when it actually works, I used it myself numerous times already whenever I'm replaying KotOR 2, but I find it hard to rate a mod that doesn't function in the intended way anymore any higher. Unfortunatelly, it's not possible to post a review without issuing a rating.
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    Would it be possible (that is, much much easier than actually finishing the mod) just to salvage some of the already working parts of this and release them? I'm thinking of the opening sequence with T3 on the crashed Ebon Hawk, which based on the post-mortem videos looks great, and the Remote-as-party-member bit, which would clean up that portion of the game. Maybe some other little things could be included as well. I'm not much of a modder though, so forgive me if this is an unfeasible idea.
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    It's too bad he wasn't of the Council members that were killed by Nihilus on Visas homeworld. When I first played K2 I was hoping to see Vandar again, since my favorite SW alien is Yoda. Plus it would have been funny to fight him.