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    Version 1.0.0


    AUTHOR: Sith Holocron ORIGINAL RELEASE: 23 AUG 2019 GAMES: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1. [This mod will not work in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2. See Description for more details.] Description: So . . . have you felt that the non-descript voice actor for Knights of the Old Republic 1 male player character didn’t sound enough like Revan in SWTOR? Here’s a new player character sound set that UnusualCharacters recorded for us in style of Revan from the SWTOR. The lines as written are exactly the same as the original written for the most part. When noted below, the original line was missing in the game so I asked UnusualCharacters to improvise. Lock Picking: Player is making the attempt unlock the lock box or door p_plyermw_block1 Got it. p_plyermw_block2 No problem. p_plyermw_block3 Right. Critical hit achieved. p_plyermw_crit1 Ha! He’ll feel that for sure! p_plyermw_crit2 That hurt I bet. p_plyermw_crit3 You won’t be getting up from that any time soon! Mines: Disarming. p_plyermw_dmin1 That one’s a dud. p_plyermw_dmin2 OK, it’s disabled. p_plyermw_dmin3 Mine disabled. Lock Picking: Player fails the attempt unlock the lock box or door p_plyermw_flock1 Damn! p_plyermw_flock2 Didn’t work. p_plyermw_flock3 Damn it! Mines: Arming a Mine. p_plyermw_lmin1 One surprise trip coming up. p_plyermw_lmin2 Whoever stands on this will get a nasty shock. p_plyermw_lmin3 Mine placed. Player has low health and needs medical attention. p_plyermw_low1 [groan] I’m in a lot of pain right now. p_plyermw_low2 I should get help for my wounds. p_plyermw_low3 I’m hurt badly. Player has just received medical attention. p_plyermw_med1 [sound of relief] This should patch things up. p_plyermw_med2 This should help. p_plyermw_med3 That’s better. [new improvised line] Player has been poisoned. p_plyermw_pois1 [groan] I think something got me sick. p_plyermw_pois2 [groan] I think I’ve been poisoned. p_plyermw_pois3 [groan] I think something is in my system. The party is regrouping. p_plyermw_rprty1 Everyone’s back again! p_plyermw_rprty2 OK, let’s get going again. p_plyermw_rprty3 We can get back together now. Player character has been selected via the menu. p_plyermw_slct1 Yeah? p_plyermw_slct2 Yes? p_plyermw_slct3 What? p_plyermw_slct4 Hmm? p_plyermw_slct5 Sure. p_plyermw_slct6 All right. [new improvised line] p_plyermw_slct7 What? p_plyermw_slct8 Right. Lock Picking: Success. p_plyermw_slock1 Opened. p_plyermw_slock2 Got it. p_plyermw_slock3 Done. Main Character is going into solo mode. p_plyermw_sprty1 I need to go alone for a bit. p_plyermw_sprty2 We’ll just separate for a bit. p_plyermw_sprty3 Let me go on alone for a bit. Player is looking out for something. p_plyermw_srch1 I won’t miss a thing. p_plyermw_srch2 If there’s something there, I’ll find it. p_plyermw_srch3 Nothing will get by me. Stealth mode activated. p_plyermw_stlh1 Not even a whisper. p_plyermw_stlh2 I’ll avoid what I can. p_plyermw_stlh3 Silent and deadly. The weapon used by player character is either broken or inefficient in current attack. p_plyermw_tia1 It’s not doing anything. p_plyermw_tia2 My weapon isn’t doing anything. p_plyermw_tia3 I need a better weapon. This mod is only for Knights of the Old Republic 1. Knights of the Old Republic 2 - although it has the voice files for the male and female PC - that game doesn't have them activated, rendering the Exile mute. In order to use this mod in Knights of the Old Republic 2, you must install JC's Player Soundset Restoration for K2 in KotOR2 before this mod. That being said: As this mod is strictly designed for KotOR1 and not for KotOR2, any sounds that do not end of playing what you expected should not be reported to me. Installation: You'll not be dropping these into your Override like my usual mods. This time you have new steps to follow. 1) Move the original KotOR1 files that share the file names in this mod to a place you can find them. (I recommend you place a new folder on your desktop to make your life easier.) Those files you're looking for will be located in the "Streamsounds" folder. 2) Extract the files from the 7z folder. Grab the new files from that extracted folder and put them in Streamsounds folder. Note: If you're using the mod on Steam, this quote may prove helpful. “I threw the files in Streamsound. I managed to fix it by verifying game files through steam and reinstalling the mod though!” Uninstall: Remove my files from the Streamsounds folder. Put the original files that you saved elsewhere back in the Streamsounds folder. Special Thanks: This mod would not have happened if not for @UnusualCharactersgenerosity of performing the voice overs, Thanks, UC! Legal Disclaimer: ------------------------- All materials and copyrights belong to LucasArts, Bioware and Obsidian Entertainment Inc. I own none of the materials, and I'm not making any money out of this mod. It is to be distributed as-is without alteration, unless notified in writing of permission granted by me. This mod is not to be distributed for profit, either. I hereby state that I specifically do NOT wish this mod to be uploaded to Steam Workshop. I may release this on NexusMods at a later date but I don't wish others to do so. Usage in other mods must be requested and approved by me in writing before your use.
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    thanks for this great work SH and UnusualCharacters. awesome to see those new missing lines improvised now!! thanks alot aswell for the translations, sometimes its hard to hear what player says, more for non.native english speakers so appreciatte translations alot too.
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    Just realized that I never answered this. The sign with the Czerka Logo on pebbled glass is not animated. I am sorry about the delay in answering.
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    what robes are these? The screenie is from this page: I've been looking through robe mods and don't see them. Found it: https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic/file/k1-prequel-style-robes
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    Version 1.0.0


    Train the Disciple By jc2 Atton can be trained to use the force forms and lightsaber techniques that the PC learns on his/her journey, however, the Disciple cannot. At a loss for why this would not be, jc2 has undertaken an effort to rebalance this issue. Keeping in mind the sister mod, Train the Handmaiden, which set out in 2017, nearly 2 years prior to address the same issue for the Handmaiden, jc2 has come full circle. Therefore, it is the entire effort of this mod to allow the PC to train the Disciple in all 7 of the lightsaber forms, four force forms, and three force techniques. Lightsaber techniques: Ataru Form -Juyo Form - Shii Cho Form - Soresu Form - Makashi Form - Niman Form - Shien Form Force forms: Force Potency Form- Force Mastery Form -Force Focus Form - Force Affinity Force techniques: Breath Control - Beast Trick -- Force Sight The PC must have learned these techniques in order to train the Disciple on them. Incompatibilities: None so far. Compatible with Party Swap & any mod that edits disciple.dlg, because Train the Disciple does not edit disciple.dlg in any way. Files used: jc2_coms.uti, deadmerc_cont.utp (Dantooine corpses within Enclave next to Statue), jc2_disciple.dlg, spells.2da & globalcat.2da (correctly patched with tslpatcher). Installation: Run Tslpatcher See Readme for further details and information, before installing. Credits: Sith Holocron for VO splicing Deadlystream for hosting & Tyvokka for hosting deadlystream! ZYBL2 for quick explanation of lips files stoffe for the tslpatcher Jesus the Christ Feedback is always appreciated, regardless of its nature. I hope you enjoy!