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    Version v0.6


    L0ki's Jedi Armor Mod v0.6 Stealth Suits & Pirate War Armor Add-on
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    So i wasnt 100% sure if the default picture i had first taken was with 0 mods, but after double checking it does indeed still happen with no mods installed. All i had in the override folder was the 9 files to correct hud for 1920x1080 widescreen. So it wasn't a totally fresh/clean install test, but the problem we're testing is if i had placed something in the override folder that was overriding the character model right?
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    A complete list is vital. Here's the issue: even if the mods are completely compatible with both TSLRCM 1.8.5 and M4-78 1.5, they may not be compatible with each other. To quote the compatibility list... If you're starting your mod build from scratch anyway, how much more of an issue will it be to accurately list what you're putting in it? It's helpful for this thread and you'll be the ultimate beneficiary.
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    I would think that if the game will run natively on Mac OS, you should run it natively in Mac OS for best results. However, you could use wine to install TSLpatcher mods if running an .exe is the issue there. I am not the one to ask about Mac OS unfortunately.
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    Download : Downloads for my KotOR Modding Tutorial Series are available in the post below and on the ModDB pages. Update : Please let me know how you get on with these tutorials, if you have any problems or suggestions for how I could improve anything even grammar / formatting I would really appreciate it, I hope to construct a tutorial series that covers modding of both the Expanded Galaxy Project and both KotOR games from basic modifications to Total Conversion Modifications set in the Old Republic Era of the Star Wars Universe, anything beyond this would require more work on your part, I believe it would be possible to make some interesting stories using the Odyssey engine for Point & Click type games or RPGs in general, but I believe it is better suited towards the Star Wars Universe, more specifically the Old Republic Era due to the abundance of content available in both games, but it could also be re-purposed for other Star Wars Stories from any time. https://www.moddb.com/mods/expanded-galaxy-project-kotor-12/downloads/kotor-modding-tutorial-series I will be posting my tutorials on ModDB as well, here is my first link which is a rough tutorial and overview of the future tutorials I have planned, both mods pages on ModDB will also have files to go alongside each mod and help streamline the process of creating levels for both games in the KotOR series and for the Expanded Galaxy Project. https://www.moddb.com/mods/kotor-ii-tsl-expanded-galaxy/tutorials/streamlining-module-creation 01 - [TUTORIAL] - Creating a Module for TSL using a KotOR Map! Useful Links for learning to mod TSL & KotOR Thor110
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    How about this pauldrons https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/balanced-combatant/