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    Looking good, JC! So many more possibilities these days now that the rules around porting have changed, it’s giving me the itch to give this modding business another shot!
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    No, the character's appearance has been changed to line 261 instead of whatever it was before. appearance.2da hasn't been changed at all. I wouldn't expect so. The game doesn't spontaneously change your appearance once it's set. It isn't supposed to, anyway. I took a look at a player file when equipped with a Sand Person disguise. Appearance_Type does change, but there are some other properties further down: PM_Appearance and PM_IsDisguised. It looks like those entries save information about the player's original appearance. So it could be something going wrong there instead.
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    Version 1.0


    NOTE TO ENDUSERS – THIS IS NOT INTENDED AS A PLAYABLE MOD! This pack is a modder’s resource containing a custom Kel Dor head and modified body models with Kel Dor hands. This installer will perform a basic heads.2da and appearance.2da NPC row setup along with simple body variation UTCs for testing purposes. An on-enter script that spawns the UTCs next to the Ebon Hawk on Dantooine is provided in the TEST SCRIPT folder. Simply copy and paste the two NCS files into your Override folder. Textures are provided with a basic placeholder diffuse for the head and a simple UV map for the hands. Because of the single texture requirement for variants, the hands have to share UV space with the body. This necessitated altering the UV layouts for all body models, compressing them 50% to make use of 1024x512 textures (original 512x512 body texture side-by-side with 512x512 hand texture). As such, the bodies are not compatible with third party textures/reskins. However, all models and textures use unique names, so there should be no conflicts/incompatibilities. The head model has basic skin weights. The respirator mask has been weighted to the jaw to give it some movement during NPC dialogue, but possibly this may be a bit extreme. You may wish to experiment with your own adjustments to the skin weights, although it should be fine as-is for a player head, as they don't have any major jaw animation.
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    Yeah that's fine. You can still save the NSS. DrMcCoy (lead Xoreos dev) explains here why certain scripts fail to decompile.