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    Kotor 2 is riddled with cut content, while TSLRCM restores most content and other big projects like M4-78EP restores their respective content there is still a small handful of cut content still hanging around and this one I will be discussing may or may not be known as commonly as let's say the GenoHaradan. Recently, I discovered some cut lines for Bao Dur's intro that indicate that this was going to be different than how it goes in Vanilla/TSLRCM. As always, I cannot restore this original intro in a way that works as it'd essentially have to cut more dialogue to restore even fewer dialogue but I have restored a select number of lines into the normal Intro in a way that does work. Help wanted!: As I own a Windows 10 PC I cannot download/use the tools to make Lip Syncs for the cut lines. If anyone owns a Windows 8 PC or under/can actually run the tools required to make Lip Sync and knows how to make them feel free to reply to this blog/PM me about this and I will give you details on what lines that need to be Lip Synced. Here is what I got so far I have been recommended to not release what I've got as this is a bad first impression so if anyone is interested in working with me with the Lip Syncs be my guest, also tell me what you guys think of the lines.