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    I’ve just read the whole thread from start to finish and I can’t believe you’ve still continued with this mod, everywhere I’ve read said that all modders had quit this project. Everything looks stunning and high quality , massive props to you for doing such a great job.
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    View File [K1] Cantina 3956 BBY - Song for the Cantina This mod change the background music [BGM] played inside Javyar's Cantina to more of a Cyberpunk-esque vibe. # Background # A cantina, also known as a saloon or bar, was a place where spacers, smugglers, and other denizens of the nearby area came to drink and play board and card games, such as pazaak or sabacc. Cantinas were located on almost every major planet and were often a center of criminal activity such as smuggling and spice trading. Many cantinas provided live entertainment in the form of musicians and dancers. Gambling was also popular in these locales. The main attractions, however, were the beverages served by mixocologists or automixers, and the opportunity to meet friends or business associates (illicit or otherwise). - Wookieepedia For me who playthrough most of Taris' side-quests, spending 80% of the time in the cantina is inevitable. Reporting to Zax about the bounties, hunting credits from dueling, and maybe just to crashed on the sofa and enjoying the view of all the hot girls inside the cantina is a routine. But I got bored with the music sometimes, so I thought; why not make one? Influenced by a mod which change the cantina music to the original cantina music from "A New Hope" and a reddit user; RomMitney, whom make some really cool cantina style music, this mod was made then. # About this Mod # This mod change the background music [BGM] played inside Javyar's Cantina to a unique Cyberpunk-esque vibe With this mod installed you will have every cantina [module] in the game their own unique music I write and then create the song using FL Studio 12 PE. The song itself called "Tainted Love" Easter Egg: The song was included in "Lower City Movement #3", the third issues from a compilation of Lower City obscure artists which is released in 4001 BBY # Final Remarks # This mod works best with Sith Holocron's "Animated Cantina Sign for KotOR 1" installed, as the animated-broken-blipping-sign gives you that lively feeling inside the cantina so, I'd recommend you to use that mod in conjunction with this. There's always room for improvements - critiques, comments, suggestions, questions and feedbacks for the next update are much appreciated - PM, write them on my feed or leave any on the mod's page as you please. And thank you! for downloading, and playing this mod. Hope you enjoy the mod as much as I do! Installation: choose Install option then hit the [Install Mod ->] button! Previous version users may want to replace the previously installed mus_area_cant2.mp3 with the backed-up vanilla, so the Anchorhead's Cantina will play its original "Cantina Techno" theme Uninstallation: run the installer [TSLPatcher.exe], and choose Uninstall option If you want to replace the music with something else your preferences, you can rename the relevant music to mus_theme_eb01 -either MP3 or WAV format should work- and then drop it to 'streammusic' folder Compatibility: will be compatible with mostly anything. Unless with a mod that force-overrides tar_m03ae.mod and ambientmusic.2da or coincidentally file-name conflicted For this mod to be effective you should at least load a saved game before entering the Javyar's Cantina [tar_m03ae] module The mod was play-tested with KotOR 1 Restoration/K1R and K1:Community Patch/K1CP installed and is compatible with them Redistribution: I'm asking you not to redistribute the mod - I'd like to stay in touch with them so I know where to provide supports. Though, you could use the music for your school and/or mod project or anything that is non-commercial. You don't have to ask for permission - but your generous intention is very much welcome. I'd love to know what others are up too, particularly if my work are included. Credits to me is always a warm welcome, welcome. Credits: The Almighty Force which gave me chance to finish the mod BioWare & LucasArts for developing one of the best RPG I've played DarthParametric for past-present knowledge which allows me to create customs and for all the outstanding creation that I am a fan of JCarter426 and Inyri Forge for all their awesome work that I look up to - I learned a lot from their mod setup and been practicing a lot using their method Sith Holocron for Animated Cantina Sign for KotOR 1 - which assets being stand-out either in the screenshot and preview of this mod Kexikus for Different Music for Anchorhead and the Ebon Hawk - which inspires me on having this mod a modular installation for guaranteed compatibility ROTNR for Creating Module Files in KotOR tutorial - which guides me on packaging the custom module Fred Tetra for the amazing KotOR Tool stoffe and Fair Strides for the magnificent TSLPatcher VarsityPuppet for 2DA Editor Alpha TK102 for K-GFF Werner Rumpeltesz for PlainEdit.NET All the Tool Makers wasn't mentioned - can't make it without y'all! All the inspiring streamers on DeadlyStream All the inspiring modders either active or inactive DeadlyStream for being a home; a place to hangout - to discuss and hosting my work DeadlyStream staffs for tirelessly improving and maintaining the site Snigaroo for hosting #mod_development on Discord > r/kotor - thanks! The place is so much fun and inspiring! :jarjar: -eb Preview Submitter ebmar Submitted 06/29/2018 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes
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    [Updated to v1.0.2: June 24, 2019] What's new? Implementing MOD/modular installation; which means this version will have Javyar's Cantina its unique BGM without having to replace the Anchorhead's - as they share the same BGM in their module With this version installed the game will have their each cantina [module] their own unique BGM
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    In the past - and more recently with the John Wick movies and the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer reveal - I've seen Keanu Reeves suggested often as a fan favorite to play Revan. Without going into the reasons why that might not be the best choice for the part here, why not give those folks a chance to at least see him at least play Revan in the game? Therefore, I request a Keanu Reeves head. To expand the options: it can be any age of Mr. Reeves from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure days to the present.
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    Ah, so that was your doing. I wondered why that suddenly happened seemingly out of nowhere. I pray the deal gets altered further.
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    Thank you sir, I'm glad you are looking forward to it. The latest pics of the arena are truly restored content, I've re-created the original ones left in the game files to the proper scale. They were the only models of Sleheyron still left in the files.
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    I have no problem with those restrictions. I was actually surprised that I convinced him to add SWTOR to that list. (Consider that my parting gift as a Staff member before I retired, folks.)
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    So, any idea when this mod will be finished and released? Like this year, next year, never?