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    Mods that were featured in the screenshot: deathdisco's "Tomb of Exar Kun" ZimmMaster's "New Dopak Head Mod" NiuHaka's "Dark Harbinger - Self Infliction" Logan23's "Revenge of Revan (Demo) - PMBI87" Fallen Guardian/VarsityPuppet's "VP's Hi Poly Tin Cans" Curtis1973's "Stock Light Saber Retexture Pack" Tools used with the attempt: Fred Tetra's "KotORTool" bead-v's "MDLedit" Chuck Chargin Jr./ndix UR's "MDLOps" Werner Rumpeltesz's "PlainEdit.NET" JCarter426's "JC's Cloaked Jedi Robes & Supermodel Port for K1 - Supermodels" and "Odyssey++" ndix UR's "tga2tpc" stoffe/Fair Strides' "TSLPatcher"
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    From the album: The Playthrough

    A reskin attempt of Juhani; based on "Artistic Fanart Portraits [K1] 1.1"- a mod which edited, curated & uploaded by Mutilator57. [Do some edits to the portrait too- specifically the color & tone; all for personal playthrough]. The vanilla portrait itself is extracted from "Juhani (kotor)", an amazing airbrushing art by CorbinHunter. For base head texture of this attempt I am using Keeper_DP's "Juhani 'Pretty' Reskin" with miro42's "Juhani Real Cathar Head" .mdl & .mdx. For body texture I am using Marius Fett's "Juhani's Dark Side Clothing" vanilla default clothes. Juhani; was a Cathar female & a Knight in the Jedi Order during the Jedi Civil War.
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    New Features included!
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    metal/plastic hybrid floor tex for the upcoming TELOS Overhaul
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    From the album: SWTOR Screenshots

    The corrupted beauty of Oricon.
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    Bendak forgot his helmet. 😂
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    From the album: Random Screenshots

    Mods included in screenshot: > Yavin Station High Resolution by Curtis1973 > Head from Bastila by Fens > Light/Dark Bastila Robes by Kazeite > Qui-Don Jorn's Sabers 4.0 KotOR Conversion by Kainzorus Prime
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    From the album: Modded Playthrough

    Luxa, before her Zeltron race-transition surgery - Legends Marlena Venn by ebmar
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    From the album: Random Screenshots

    Mods included in screenshot: > Carth by Fens > T3M4 Reskin 1.0 by Quanon > High Quality Skyboxes by Kexikus > Dantooine from Old Republic Skin Overhaul by multiple > High Quality Blasters 1.0 by Sithspecter
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    Mods/Tools featured in the wallpaper are: multiple's "Old Republic Skin Overhaul: Taris' clear sky" Fred Tetra's "KotOR Tool" ndix UR's "tga2tpc" bead-v's "MDLedit" bead-v's "KOTORmax"

    © BioWare & LucasArts

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    From the album: The Playthrough

    Playing with one of the screen texture, gave it a crack to give impression Davik as the former owner of EH was a dumb-lazy-ass maintainer of the ship. Frame to the screens is additional, with bit of re-touches too. Base texture of LEH_scre02 used on the panel is created by desmasic as taken from desmasic's The EbonHawk-HDTP R1.
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    From the album: DP's 3D Printed Stuff

    This is a dry assembly of the saber pretty much in its final form. There are just a few internal joiner pieces to fiddle with now, and I need to look at the handwheel (pommel) and see if that needs to be scaled up.
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    From the album: General Screens

    Current work, upscaling existing texture to far higher resolution. 4096x4096, added more refined detail and a baked in metallic lighting to "reflect" the nearby background.
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    From the album: KotOR/TSL Screenshots

    Wait, Carth was in the Clone Wars?
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    From the album: Backhanded style

    Untextured at he moment see my profile feed for info.
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    :) Well, here's a little teaser for all of you wanting K1R 1.0! Released with permission from ZM90, I present to you a little piece of cut content that was said to be "unrestorable"... This is the Injured Sith Apprentice cut content that was discovered and partially reconstructed by Darth Insidious, and through a long hassle with modelling and animations, is finally implemented into the game! What's your verdict, people?
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    teaser pictue for an upcoming mod.
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    Oops... Hopefully you will have a head to watch here when playing 1.8 .
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