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    Thanks to Kexikus for providing the sky and clouds themselves. Only had to some minor tweaking. Will soon be released as a small mod for TSL!

    © Quanon&Kexikus

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    I was doing something else but somehow ended up making a texture for the 3d Coruscant seen in the galaxy map. And then I decided to learn to make cubemaps so that I can make the lights glow on the night side.... Certainly not what I wanted to do originally but I really like the way it turned out
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    Doing some tests again; a freshly new little box area with lightmap. First time ever I didn't have to go and mess with the UVs again to get them fixed Fun times!
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    Well, turns out that making planets in Photoshop isn't actually that hard and the results are way better than everything LunarCell can produce. What you can see here is one of the background textures I want to replace. Hope you like it
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    Found a neat little Photoshop plugin to create planet images. Here's a first test of what Onderon could look like instead of the blurry mass it is in vanilla. Looks pretty good for only 10 minutes of work I'd say
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    even more exiting with Shems Super Enhanced Mod...
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    New Features included!
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    metal/plastic hybrid floor tex for the upcoming TELOS Overhaul
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    Just a little photo shopping i have done recently, thought i would share