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Main Mod's Original Review on Filefront:



Let me start out by saying this mod is not for the faint of heart. If you're not an experienced player, and by experienced I mean you're insanely good at the game, you won't want to get this mod. Why? You'll die a miserable death, likely early on in the game.


Now that I've completely scared everyone off, let's get to the nitty gritty bits of this mod. It's got a lot of changes, and veteran players should really enjoy them. I can't go over all of them, because there are too many plus Shem wants to leave you with some surprises (they're good surprises, by the way), so here's an overview:


Lightsabers: The basic premise of a lightsaber is it is a beam of energy that curves back on itself to create a blade. Now how could a blade of pure energy be less powerful than a slab of metal? Shem wondered the same thing. Sabers have been enhanced to do more realistic amounts of damage, plus they will add a +10 modifier to your blaster deflect skill. Base damages for both games are around 40-50. OMG UNBALANCED! No, not at all. As I go along you'll see why it's not unbalanced.


Blasters: How often does a stormtrooper take six blaster bolts before going down? Never! They're down on one shot usually, aren't they? Blaster fire is now beefed up to be deadly. This is a good thing and a bad thing. Bad thing - if you get shot, you're in trouble. Good thing - the same is true vice versa, plus that +10 modifier to blaster deflect will make you a lean mean blaster blocking machine, and if you deflect those bolts back at your enemies they're still beefed up and will make for a quick and easy kill.


Armor: The idea that wearing a heavy set of armor will block you from using the Force is rediculous. The Force extends beyond such silly physical limitations, and Shem agreed with this as well. As a result, armor will not longer restrict you from using the Force, regardless of what it is. Tired of being 'Forced' to wear those Jedi robes when you'd rather be off galavanting across the dune sea in Calo Nord's armor? No problem. Armor also doesn't penalize your dexterity any more, although I'm not quite sure that's more realistic than the way it originally was.


This mod makes several changes to pieces of Shem's older mods, so if you are prompted to overwrite any parts of any of Shem's other mods you may feel free to do so without hesitation. If you're a hardcore player I'd definitely recommend giving this mod a try.


Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.





Also you will need the Ultimate Sound Mod for this to work properly. Make sure that is installed first before you install this mod and let the baseitems.2da file from this mod overwrite the one from the Ultimate Sound Mod. If you're not interested in that mod, you will still need to download it and get the cb_ls_powerup.wav, cb_ls_powerup1.wav, cb_ls_powerup2.wav, cb_ls_powerdown.wav, cb_ls_powerdown1.wav, and cb_ls_powerdown2.wav files. That way the double-bladed and short lightsabers make a on/off sound.


Addon's Original Review on Filefront:



This mod adds some new features to Shem's Super Enhanced mod. Either 60 or 110 to be exact, depending on which game you use it for. Those that found the Super Enhanced mod to be a little too challenging might appreciate this update.


Some Changes:

  • Darth Bandon has been better balanced, and his armor will now be worth getting for K1
  • new additions to the unknown world for K1
  • Darth Nihilus has been enhanced to be more challenging for K2
  • Darth Sion has been enhanced to be more challenging for K2
  • additional content during the Darth Traya battle for K2
  • new items to protect you and help you get through the game for K2
  • hitting "recommended" for stats will now give you a stat boost, for those that find the mod a little too challenging, for both games
  • many other smaller surprises for both games

So if you want to try out this great mod, but are concerned it might be a little too strenuous, grab this add-on to make it a little more playable for the average gamer. After all, a mod just for the pros is no fun at all.





Malkior's Tweak pack (no Filefront review):


An addon approved by Shem that tweaks the grenades, mines and most of the non-humanoid creatures in the game to be up to par with the rest of Shem's work...

What's New in Version   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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I had one error in the installation. I'm posting how it appeared in the installation log:

Error: No instruction section found for file kas25_longsword.ut, skipping...

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I really like this mod and the damage changes it brings but I have a few issues. Since I've only started the game with it, why didn't you change te damage of vibroblades? Swords do more damage, but vibroblades are left with vanilla values. Also, Carth's blaster gives all those feats and DX bonus? And the Jedi that dies on the Endar Spire drops all master robe sets, and three lightsabers and all color crystals? Isn't that too much for a mod that makes the game more realistic and a bigger challenge for the player?


Apart from that, everything else is cool. I love that I can be one shot killed by a single blaster wielding dude and that I can do the same.

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Hey. This mod is great and all but I've noticed that some weapons (e.g. lightsabers and grenades) seem to have not been altered from the vanilla game in terms of damage at all for me. I tried uninstalling (by putting the tslpatcher folder files into override, deleting them, putting the backup files that weren't dialog.tlk into the override folder and putting the dialog.tlk file from the backup folder into the main game folder) and reinstalling but it was still a problem. Could someone help me pls? Perhaps I also need to make a new save?

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I find that while this mod makes a lot of the combat deadlier, it results in combat finishing too quickly - particularly the lightsaber combat - even on the hardest difficulty. Is there a way to use only the adjustments to the armors, so that they no longer have the dexterity limitations? 

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Hey, Really appreciate this mod! Great work! But what would I have to change in case I wanted to add the dex malus and force restrictions for armor back in. Kinda sad you killed robes for me...

Edited by TheRealBatuRem

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