All Hands on Deck for the Leviathan Prison Break 1.0.0

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This mod makes a number of adjustments to the entire Leviathan jail break sequence:

  • Carth and the rest of the party have any equipped masks and weapons hidden for the pre-boarding conversation on the Ebon Hawk.
  • The initial scene of the three Sith troopers discussing the chosen jail breaker changes the commander to red armour, as seen elsewhere in the game.
  • The player's force cage in the torture room is now positioned next to Bastila's. Static cameras have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Fixes a couple of missing static camera assignments for player responses during the torture sequence.
  • The entire party (aside from the chosen jail breaker) now get put in the party cell.
  • The party cell's door is changed to a forcefield.
  • The jail breaker can elicit randomised responses from a few party members when clicking on the cell forcefield before freeing Bastila, Carth, and the player.
  • HK-47's initial cutscene when chosen as the jail breaker has a new custom stunt animation (derived from TSL's disabled animation).
  • The technician working on HK now starts the scene standing behind him rather than in front.
  • Restored the second technician when HK is the jail breaker that Bioware cut (for some reason).
  • Both of the HK technicians are switched from Sith trooper to Sith commoner appearances.
  • The player starts the final escape scene inside their force cage like Bastila and Carth rather than standing at the doorway.
  • The entire party is now present for the final escape sequence, not just Canderous.
  • Canderous now remains in his equipped gear if he was the chosen jail breaker rather than switching to basic clothing.
  • The party are now shown getting their gear and then leaving for the Hangar Bay.
  • Canderous, Mission, and Jolee will equip basic clothing when they grab their gear if they were left naked as the chosen jail breaker.
  • The player now has their pre-Leviathan gear automatically re-equipped at the end of the escape scene, as was Bioware's original intent.
  • All of the party's pre-Leviathan inventory is now automatically returned, rather than needing to manually loot it from a locker.
  • Fixes some minor geometry gaps and smoothing issues in the detention block main room.
  • Fixes the force cage placeable's walkmesh, which was misaligned.


Run INSTALL.exe.

By default, T3's response to the jail breaker clicking on the party cell will be gibberish for everyone except HK. If you want it to be in English/Basic regardless of the jail breaker choice, copy dp_lev40_con_pd1.ncs from the OPTIONAL folder and paste it into your Override folder.

It is highly recommended that you use this mod in conjunction with the K1 Community Patch. If doing so, make sure to install K1CP first.

This mod is NOT compatible with Fair Strides's Party on the Leviathan mod. I did consider trying to integrate Juhani's cut Leviathan conversation into this mod, but it doesn't really work in its existing state. If you are a Juhani simp thirsting for more of her, use FS's mod instead.

Probably not compatible with K1R. Use at your own risk as no support will be offered.

Known Issues:

  • Some of the other jail breaker start scenes, like Jolee's and Mission's, could use some tweaks to address minor annoyances. I'll look at those in a future update.
  • The techs equipping blasters and attacking at the end of HK's initial cutscene are a bit wonky. That probably needs to be integrated into the cutscene itself.
  • I didn't test with a female player. I think I got them all, but some of the specific fem PC/Carth camera angles might be off during the torture sequence. Please advise if that is the case.
  • It's still possible to lose Canderous's pre-Leviathan equipped gear forever if he is the chosen jail breaker and you don't manually loot the patient gear container before leaving.
  • You can still be affected by the stealthed/invisible jail breaker bug, since K1 lacks a de-stealth script function unlike TSL. K1CP addresses this.
  • Bioware handled the transition from the Hawk to the Leviathan in a really odd way. It's possible that they encountered a sequence break that caused them to take the approach they did, which I have now changed. I didn't encounter any problems while testing, but it's potentially possible that the initial cutscene on the Leviathan could fail to fire. Let me know if anyone encounters that.

Thanks to @bead-v for KOTORMax and MDLEdit.
Thanks to @Cortisol for Holocron Toolset.
Thanks to @JCarter426 for helping out with some script troubleshooting.

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I have no idea why this is one of several files on deadlystream that don't work. I've got an application labelled as INSTALL in the main folder next to tslpatchdata and OPTIONAL, that's blank and doesn't start. I redownloaded it with the antivirus turned off and it's the same thing. Whenever I double click on anything in the extracted folder, it says "the directory name is invalid".

Nevermind - seems like WinRar and 7zip are both taking turns with corrupting the files somehow in a way that I just can't figure it out. They extracted fine after 3 different tries and the tsl patcher executable and everything works. No idea what's causing it.

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An essential immersion mod for the leviathan that really brings everything together. Without it, the whole scene just feels incomplete. Also thanks for the Hk animation and mechanics, as he's always my jail breaker!

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Another excellent modification that bear Darth Parametric's quality mark. As usual, recommended.

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